2 Options When Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Is Too Complicated for Your Small Business

CRM is too complicated

Do you feel that your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is overly complicated? Are there features and buttons that you never use?

Here are two options to simplify your life.

Option 1: CRMPlus365

You can switch to CRMPlus365, an affordable, custom CRM system built just for your business. We will even work with you to transfer the license costs of Microsoft Dynamics 365 so you don’t have to ask for extra budget.

However, we realize that some companies have reasons to stay on their current system. Perhaps it is mandated “from above”. Or maybe you know that changing your CRM system, after a long, and often painful evaluation and implementation process, would not even be considered by the rest of your team.

We get that. But you still have an option.

Option 2: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Makeover

A makeover usually means added flash and sparkle or, maybe it means less flash and sparkle.

Before we’ll know for sure we first need to review your business process and the way you are using Microsoft Dynamics 365 system today. Next we would remove all the things you don’t need. Sometimes less is more, and you may benefit from a cleaner, more straight forward CRM system tailored for your business.

For example, you are not going to see a quoting button, an invoice button, a project button if you don’t have those things in your business. You’re not going to have a button on the top of the screen that says, “Follow Up” if you don’t do follow up calls.

A lot of people either don’t realize this is possible or they reason, “Just leave it in there. I paid for it. I might as well keep it.” Even your typical Dynamics 365 partner is unlikely to remove features because they want you to feel you have purchased a robust, powerful system, worth the cost.

But in fact, all it does is confuse everybody. It makes training and user adoption more difficult and increases the chance of user error.

Plus, additional features means you have more things that could break. Just like an expensive car with all the newest gadgets, you know some of those fancy features you never really needed are going to malfunction, and at times that can cause the whole system to go into chaos.

Exactly what you need to run your business. Nothing more, nothing less.

You know your business. We know CRM. Together we can determine exactly what you need, and don’t need, in your CRM system. Our goal at P2 Automation is to make CRM simple. Even Microsoft Dynamics 365.

If you would like to review your current Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM system to determine ways it can work better for your organization schedule a strategy session with us today.