Order Management System

Innovative Medical Device Remanufacturer uses P2𝘹𝘙𝘔 for Order Management

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One of our clients developed an innovative way to sterilize and reuse medical equipment for procedures like varicose vein ablation surgery. The process saves money for patients while also saving the environment by turning formerly disposable medical equipment into pieces that can be used multiple times.

They needed an efficient way to enter and track orders to keep up with rapid growth. From order entry to packing and shipping to invoicing, they needed to give the right people access to specific parts of the process without making those people wade through unnecessary information to get the job done. They also needed a system and a partner that could grow at their pace.


The team at P2 Automation designed an order management system that gave the sales team direct access to enter and track customer orders with a few clicks. Each customer is approved to purchase specific products based on their medical credentials, and each product can be coded with specific pricing that is based on volume. The order converts easily into a packing slip that ensures accurate fulfillment by the team in the shipping department. The intuitive nature of the software then extends over to QuickBooks where the dollars and cents are fully managed. The simplification keeps everyone in the loop by letting them see where each order is in the process.

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