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Small Banquet Facility Uses P2š˜¹š˜™š˜” for Weddings, Parties, and Corporate Events

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A local banquet facility needed a better way to oversee their event management processes. They tried using an “off the shelf” software package that was meant for larger operations, but it wasn’t a good fit for this smaller facility’s needs. They soon realized that they required something that didn’t exist – a simple software solution customized just for their venue.


The team atĀ P2 Automation delivered an Event Management Software with P2xRM that keeps track of all current and future events, with precisely the level of detail required for their unique venue, down to the color of the chair covers. This helps the facility to schedule time, personnel and resources. Reports help management to see trends on products sold. All of their customer contacts, activities, payment details and client history is easy to find. Contracts and invoices are automatically generated in a format that can be sent to the client. Now, this event management company can easily organize every last pertinent event-planning detail — from the first contact right through to the big day!

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Sample Screen Images

With the following screens, this company has simple event management software that shows them the exact information they need, without adding complexity. Main views show complete lists, which can be easily filtered and sorted. The blue hyperlinked text drills down into individual records for additional detail.

Professional Reports

Reports automatically generated from the P2xRM event management software can be printed or emailed to management or clients. Information entered into the event records is pulled into pre-built templates and easily refreshed.