Our Partners


mscrm-addons com is specialized in developing addons for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and PowerApps that simplify the user experience. DocumentsCorePack, the #1 document automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365, PowerApps & Power Automate, allows fast and simple document creation and offers a set of tools to process or even fully automate documents in your business.

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Maplytics is one of the most comprehensive and powerful Geospatial and analytical mapping solutions for Dynamics 365, designed to provide locational intelligence by allowing users to plot, plan, analyze and take actions on their Dynamics CRM data. Maplytics™ empowers users across verticals with the power of Geographical Data Visualization, Optimized Routing, Appointment Planning, Proximity Search, Heat Maps, and Territory Management to drive better sales, improve business processes and engage right customers at the right time.

V2 Cloud

V2 Cloud makes it incredibly easy to deploy cloud-based Windows desktops in less than 10 clicks. Our fully managed desktop as a service (DaaS) solution provides business owners and IT managers more time to focus on core business initiatives.

Our DaaS offering is cost-efficient, fast, and scalable. Unlike other popular offerings, V2 Cloud does not require in-depth training or certifications to use.


Inogic is one of the most experienced and leading Microsoft ISV Gold Partners, focused exclusively on Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM for building innovative products and add-ons. Our experience with the Dynamics CRM platform helps us to deliver innovative products like Maplytics, Click2Export, Click2Clone, Attach2Dynamics, User Adoption, and InoLink: QuickBooks integration to augment Dynamics 365/CRM performance and usability. Our goal is to help organizations using Dynamics 365/CRM, transform their businesses and achieve high ROI through innovative logic.

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Simego is the go-to solution for Data Integration with Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Active Directory and more. Data Synchronization Studio provides you with the tools you need to get the data where you need it, in the format you need it. For reliable data operations management, schedule and monitor your data jobs quickly and easily with Ouvvi. We have been providing reliable innovative Data Integration solutions for medium to large enterprise companies for over 10 years.


MyCorp. Creative Solutions, LLC. is a dynamic project managing firm with hundreds of resources and years of experience in Corporate Operations and Creative Services. Start-up/Entrepreneur Consultant, Website Development, Video Production/Editing, Storyboard, Scripting, Social Media Ads, and Audience Engagement Advice. You can hire MyCorp Creative Solutions to perform the desired work or choose another provider we recommend with confidence.