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Blue Car
Are You Paying Top Dollar for a “Bitchin Software Package”?
I happen to love old cars, and one of my favorite shows is called “Bitchin' Rides." The show is about a guy from Salt Lake City, Utah named Dave Kindig and his company, “Kindig It Designs.” He restores old cars and turns them into works of art. On the outside, they look like any other classic car, but on the inside, it is all modern with state-of-the-art technology.
P2xRM to CRMPlus365
Why I Moved Two Customers From P2xRM to CRMPlus365
I always find myself in awe of people who can admit when they’re wrong. I mean, this is something people avoid doing, so whenever I come across one who does, I respect them a lot. Recently, I realized that a few of my P2xRM clients were working with the wrong software for their businesses. But this was not their fault, it was mine. I had set it up for them a year before. I knew I needed to make things right.
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