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Data Is Everywhere - And Now Its Embedded In Your Decisions
Connect to your Dynamics 365, Azure SQL DB, Excel, and SharePoint Data...right from your desktop.
Securely access live dashboards on your mobile device and stay connected wherever business takes you.
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Add amazing interactive visualizations to your blog or website for a better customer experience.
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What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence – also known as BI – helps you transform your business data into actionable business insights that you can use to make more informed and guided business decisions.

Business Intelligence can be embedded in a wide variety of your common and everyday business processes, but with the added benefit of readable data, you can use this information to optimize your operations.

For example, you can use sales forecasts to help you plan resource and inventory levels. From there, you can take advantage of intuitive dashboards that help you spot potential production shortages. You can even use mobile apps to provide you with information related to service tickets.

It’s all possible – all it takes is a little bit of know-how and a good strategy. And P2 Automation is here to deliver.

Data Is Everywhere

Remember, in today’s world, you likely have data coming into your business from multiple streams. You have sales data, accounting data, data in your line of business applications, and so much more. Your Excel spreadsheets are full, your Access databases are continuously overflowing, and you likely have some data related to your competitors too, right?

Data is absolutely everywhere today, but if you don’t know how to harness it, you’ll never be able to reap the benefits. Here at P2 Automation, we offer a comprehensive Business Intelligence service specifically designed to bring you closer to what your data is trying to tell you.

Microsoft Power BI

One powerful tool that we can help you use is Microsoft Power BI. You can see your whole business on one dashboard, and monitor data from across your organization, from all the applications you rely on.

Then slice, dice and visualize your data in more ways than you ever imagined. Power BI reports can be embedded into an existing system such as CRMPlus365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Or shared externally on a mobile app or secure web portal.

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Power BI

Business Intelligence provides you with data-driven insights that you can use to make decisions, to scale, to grow, and most importantly, to succeed.

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