CRM Web Portals

Let People Outside Your Organization See Data Securely
Provide Better Service
Allow customers, partners, subcontractors and others to view and enter personalized data, quickly and easily.
Save Time
Reduce time spent answering questions that people can find on their own, anytime.
Save Money
Let people interact with your data without giving them a full system license.
Calculate data and trigger workflows based on actions taken on your web portal.

Why CRM Web Portals?

People don’t like to wait for information. Yet it can be hard for a small business to provide instant replies. A CRM web portal lets you share selected data with people outside your organization, securely. This gives others the ability to login to get answers or take action at any time of the day or night.

You can provide better service, while also saving time, money and frustration. In the past, the cost of a custom CRM web portal made it unaffordable for most small businesses. However, using a proven platform like P2xRM Web or Microsoft PowerApps, P2 Automation can build a custom web portal at a fraction of the cost you would expect.

Examples of data you can show in a web portal:

  • Open service tickets
  • Invoice history
  • Scheduled appointments
  • Legal documents for download
  • Earned program points, commissions or discounts

Then you can allow your users, such as customers, partners or subcontractors to share information with you at their convenience.

Examples of how others can use your portal:

  • Schedule service calls or appointments
  • Upload documents and photos
  • Submit expenses or time cards

Your CRM web portal can connect with CRMPlus365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365 or the application of your choice.

Like all of our custom applications, CRM web portals from P2 Automation are cheaper than building from scratch but flexible enough to give you exactly what you want.

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