Business Process Automation

Get Work Done With Less Effort
Use technology to simplify repetitive processes that are important to your business.
Save Time
Eliminate time wasting activities such as data entry, generating reports, and sending email reminders.
Save Money
Capture more revenue with your opportunities when critical steps no longer fall through the cracks.
Rest Easy
Proven technology that runs around the clock without letting you down.

Why Business Process Automation?

We love automation. It is in our business name. The core of what we do is help you use technology to automate important yet repetitive tasks so they don’t get missed.

Small businesses manage a lot of moving parts. Busy people can sometimes let things slip through the cracks. When you automate key processes you can have the confidence that the job is getting done, accurately and consistently.

Examples of automation:

  • A daily status report can be sent automatically as soon as you hit “approve”.
  • Past due invoices can be emailed to customers each month with no user interaction at all.
  • An entry can be recorded in the accounting system each time a new sale is made.
  • A reminder can be sent automatically, at increments, when a subscription or contract renewal is due.
  • Commissions can be calculated as soon as an order is placed.

Business Process Automation can be set up with your CRMPlus365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365 systems. We use proven, reliable technology including Microsoft Power Automate and P2BackOffice so you never miss a step.

What kind of business process automation would help you to get more work done with less effort? P2 Automation has ways to make it simple and affordable.

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