Why CRMPlus365 ?

Many small businesses want the stability and familiarity offered by a Microsoft CRM solution, but they don’t need all the advanced features or monthly licensing fees that come with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

CRMPlus365 is a slimmed down, highly customizable alternative to Microsoft Dynamics 365 that is actually built on the same core Microsoft technology. You get all of the benefits, at a fraction of the cost.

It is perfect for companies that focus on sales and want a strong integration with Microsoft Outlook.

CRMPlus365 does not include things like order entry, case management, or field service scheduling which are just overkill for most small companies anyway. Too many features make it frustrating for users who just want to log in and get their job done. Our goal is to keep CRM simple and not make you pay for features you don’t need.

On the other hand, the Microsoft platform is so flexible that CRMPlus365 can easily be customized for your unique business processes. Plus, you can add Business IntelligenceMobile ApplicationsWeb Portals and Business Process Automation to make it even more powerful.

Check out our CRMPlus365 Video Library to see more!

See CRMPlus365

CRMPlus365 has a familiar look and feel that is easy to learn and powerful as well. Click to see it in action.

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CRMPlus365 Pricing

We offer a range of pricing options and services to fit your business needs. Expand the items below to learn more.

How About Free?

Well maybe not free…free. CRMPlus365 is free, but it runs on the Microsoft Power Platform, so you’ll need to buy a single license for $20/month for your business plus one for each user. We’ll work with you to make sure you get the right licenses.

QuickStart Package...$1,295

You’ve seen our CRMPlus365  video and had a chance to TRY CRMPlus365. We can set you up with your own production environment in as fast as 7 days, and we will…

  • Ensure you have the correct licenses by either working with your trusted IT provider, or we’ll set them up for you.
  • Set up your Dataverse Environment.
  • Install and configure your Solution files.
  • Enable up to 5 users.
  • Provide a 60 minute training call with your team.

QuickStart Package Plus+...$2,495

Everything in the QuickStart Package, plus…

  • Basic data import of your company records (using our standard templates)
  • Basic contact import.
  • Set up and configure Outlook App.
  • Two 60 minute training sessions to cover things like…
    • Setting up custom/personal views of Advanced Find
    • Working with Connections
    • How to set up and configure dashboards
    • How to follow a Company, Opportunity or Project

Managed Services...Starting at $295/Month

What’s Covered

  • Screen Modifications (Forms, Fields, Views)
  • New Views / View Modifications
  • Business Process Flow Changes
  • Basic Business Rules
  • Simple Workflows
  • Periodic Strategy Calls
  • Managing Support Tickets w/ Microsoft
  • Minor Dashboard Modifications (includes Power BI)
  • New User Setup / “Quick Start” Training
  • Simple Data Updates
  • Managing Microsoft Updates

How to Get Started

Start Small

Starting small with CRMPlus365 is always a good move. Many of our clients use CRMPlus365 as a place to “keep their stuff.”, like lead, prospect, and customer information, vendor, contacts, and activities and notes. CRMPlus365 is built on the Microsoft Power Platform, so accessing this information is simple, flexible, and secure.

Expand & Scale

Because the P2 Automation team designed CRMPlus365 to be easily scalable, you can leverage its full range of features and functions to expand and scale at your own pace. For instance, you might want to track your sales opportunities, store important documents, or build out some user-friendly dashboards so you can take a good look into your progress on a single, intuitive screen.

From there, you could connect your CRMPlus365 system to Microsoft Outlook to seamlessly track your emails, appointments, and contact information automatically. Not only does this keep things up to date and organized, but it allows you to grow and expand your coverage without hesitation.

Make CRMPlus365 Yours

One of the most beneficial aspects of CRMPlus365 is the endless customization options that allow you to make it your own. With so many different features to customize and personalize, CRMPlus365 provides you with the comprehensive look into your business that you need to effectively manage your customer relationships each and every day.

You can track the things that generate revenue for your business with ease, like orders, projects, or events. From there, upgrade your dashboards to Power BI so you can slice and dice your data in ways that were never before possible.

And, you can tie it all together with automated workflows that increase your efficiency in real-time, all while improving your data accuracy. Remember, today’s business world is driven by data, and ensuring that your system can help you quickly and clearly dissect data and provide you with the critical details that you need to make informed decisions is absolutely critical.

You can even expose some of your information to your clients with an integrated web portal that they can use to log into their own accounts. From there, CRMPlus365 will collect useful information like service tickets, new orders, or even display invoice history, service ticket status, or quote information.

Give yourself the opportunity to take advantage of an endless stream of data that helps you strategically position your business for success. This is what CRMPlus365 was designed to do, and it is precisely what we want to see you do with it. The sky is the limit.