Mobile CRM Applications

Enter Data Easily, Anywhere
Users can view and enter data quickly and easily on a phone or tablet.
Allow people to interact with your CRM system without paying for a full user license.
Mobile data from the field gets into your main system quickly so other users can take action faster.
Users enter the exact information you need with apps that are secure and trackable.

Why Mobile CRM Applications?

These days everyone has a mobile device with them wherever they go. While you can have remote access to your full systems, wouldn’t it be easier if you had a simple mobile app, designed specifically for the task at hand? With a few clicks, you could enter the data you need or trigger a process right from your mobile device.

P2 Automation can configure it for you, at an affordable cost.

Example 1: A field rep needs to send a photo of a damaged item to open a repair case. Photos sent by text message or email are easily missed, and the process is delayed. Instead, a few pieces of key information and photos can be submitted in a mobile app, that triggers a workflow to start the process. And the field tech moves on to his next assignment.

Example 2: A billable consultant arrives at a customer location, clicks “Start” on his mobile app. When he leaves, GPS tracking sends an alert to prompt him to click “End” on his mobile app. Time is automatically tracked and added to your billing system for review.

Data can feed directly into your CRMPlus365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365 system. And mobile app users often do not need to pay for a full CRM license. You can also use it standalone, for example, tracking the information you capture in a simple spreadsheet.

The key is making it easier for you and your team to capture, send and track data quickly and easily from any mobile device.

What kind of mobile CRM app would help you be more productive? P2 Automation can make it happen.

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