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Dynamics 365 2023 Release Wave 1

2023 Release Wave 1 - Focused View

Focused View

Learn how to navigate your Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities faster than ever!

2023 Release Wave 1 - Pipeline View

Pipeline View – Part 1

Show Revenue Totals and Record Counts on your Opportunity Views.

2023 Release Wave 1 - Pipeline View - Part 2

Pipeline View – Part 2

Edit Your Opportunites Easily with the Pipeline View Editable Grid and Side-Panel.

2023 Release Wave 1 - Pipeline View - Part 3

Pipeline View – Part 3

View Your Opportunities Graphically with the New Deal Tracker and Sales Funnel.

Dynamics 365 Overview

Configure Your Initial Settings

Configure Your Initial Settings

Dynamics 365 is easy to learn and fun to work with. Make sure to set up a few things up front to make your experience even better.

Personalization Settings

Personalization Settings

Learn how to make Dynamics 365 your own with some simple personalization settings.

Working with Web Leads

Web Leads

Easily manage web leads from your website with Dynamics 365.

Bulk Edit

Using the Bulk Edit Feature

Check out how easy it can be to edit multiple records at the same time with Dynamics 365.

Merge Your Duplicates in CRMPlus365

Merge Your Duplicate Companies and Contacts

We all end up entering data 2 or 3 times. Whether by accident or not, it’s easy to merge those duplicate records with Dynamics 365.

Record Set...a Hidden Gem

Record Set…a Hidden Gem

Learn how to quickly view and edit records in Dynamics 365 with the Record Set button.

Creating a Personal Dashboard

Creating a Personal Dashboard

Find out how easy it can be to have all of your customer information presented to you on a single “pane of glass” within Dynamics 365.

Working with Views

General Overview

General Overview of Views

View your Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities in List format within Dynamics 365 and Power Apps.

Display Settings

View Display Settings

Change your Default View, rearrange your Personal/Global View, and hide unnecessary Views in Dynamics 365 and Power Apps.

Add and Remove Columns

Add & Remove Columns

Learn how to add and remove columns in Global and Personal Views in Dynamics 365 and Power Apps.

Sorting Your Views

Sorting Your List Views

Learn how to sort your Views in Dynamics 365 alphabetically, numerically, and chronologically, and how easy it is to set up multi-column sorts.

Filtering Your Views

Filtering Your Dynamics 365 Views

See how easy it is to filter the data in your Dynamics 365 views using column filters as well as advanced filters.

Creating Personal Views

Creating Personal Views

Find out how to save your settings as Personal Views in Dynamics 365 so you can use save views for future use.

Document Management

Managing Documents with CRMPlus365

Managing Documents

Attach documents to Customer Records, Contacts, Opportunities, and more with Dynamics 365.

Simple Documents

Simple Documents

Learn how we create and save a completed Master Service Agreement and Nondisclosure Agreement from our CRM using DocumentsCorePack.

Simple Documents with a Prompt

Simple Document with a Prompt

See how we generate a Credit Card Authorization Form for any amount directly from our CRM using DocumentsCorePack.

Simple Lists & Conditions

Simple Lists and Conditions

See how we quickly create our Managed Service Plan Agreement using DocumentsCorePack and Dynamics 365.

Table Lists & Text Blocks

Table Lists and Text Blocks

Find out how we generate a flexible Statement of Work for our Projects using DocumentsCorePack and Dynamics 365.

Price Quotations

Price Quotations

Watch us build a professional Price Quotation directly from Dynamics 365 using DocumentsCorePack.

How We Helped Customers

Our Process

In order to develop effective software solutions to meet your individual needs, we’ve developed a simple, five-stage process.

Design Phase

The Design Phase is the most important part of the entire process. This is where we map out system components and workflow processes to ensure your objectives will be met.

Multiple Business Process Flows

Business Process Flows

How to Handle Multiple Business Process Flows in Dynamics 365.



An easy-to-use Telemarketing Feature for Dynamics 365.

Managing Customer Issues

Managing Customer Issues

Learn how we helped one of our clients to keep better track of Customer Issues and Complaints within their CRM System.

Managing Territories

Managing Sales Territories

Learn how we manage sales territories in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Mapping Your Information

Intro to Maplytics

Intro to Maplytics

Learn how to empower your sales team with intelligent, easy to read maps from within their CRM.

Mapping Multiple Entities

Mapping Multiple Entities with Maplytics

View your Customers, Leads, and Vendors on a single color-coded map within CRM.

Mass Actions

Performing Mass Actions with Maplytics

Easily generate emails, tasks, and workflows directly from the mapped data in your CRM.