CRM Software for Small Business

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Why CRM Software for Small Business?

As a small business owner, you understand the value of managing customer relationships.  You need a system that can fulfill two roles – managing your prospect funnel and enhancing relationships with your existing customers. Sounds simple.  But your small business runs the way you want it to run, and many of the CRM systems on the market just can’t give you the customized automation you need to focus on these two roles. That’s where P2 Automation comes in. Utilizing existing platforms as a starting point we can provide you with the right CRM system that fits your business exactly.


P2 Automation Provides These CRM Software Options For Small Business

CRMPlus365 is a highly customizable, affordable alternative to Microsoft Dynamics 365 that is still built on the same, solid Microsoft technology. You can think of it as a cloud-based “mini” Dynamics 365 at a fraction of the price. It has the same look and feel and seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook, but without the level of complexity that most small businesses do not need.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s industry leading, cloud-based full CRM system, with functionality for sales, marketing, customer service, field service and more. Plus, you have access to hundreds of pre-built industry add on tools. This is the right fit for companies with advanced requirements and larger sales and marketing teams.

For companies that want to think beyond sales, Dynamics 365 is often the best choice.

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Custom Software Development

Each CRM system can be enhanced with Business Intelligence, Mobile Applications, Web Portals and Business Process Automation. P2 Automation can help you to find the right combination of options and licensing to lower your overall investment. At P2 Automation we’re all about giving you just what you need – nothing more…nothing less.

How CRM Software Can Help You Grow Your Small Business

Growing pains are so much more than a cheesy 1980’s sitcom, they are a real struggle for many small businesses and our CRM software for small business can help alleviate some of those pains. We offer a number of solutions that can be customized to fit your specific needs. Solutions that will ensure you are reaching maximizing efficiency, while also helping you minimizing expenses.

Our CRM Software For Small Business Is Designed To Streamline A Number Of Processes



Order Fulfillment

Customer Service

…all at an affordable price.

Henry Ford once said “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”. While sticky-notes, and hand-written receipts may have worked once, those days are long gone. CRM software for small business can help give you a better way to work, which means a better way to achieve results.

Let’s say you just hired an amazing new sales rep who is so good they could sell ice in Antarctica. The increase in sales is phenomenal but your administrative team suddenly find themselves struggling to track the influx of new orders, which is leading to some incorrect data input.


Our Sales Reporting Software not only reduces user-error but can also help you forecast and plan for the future

At P2 Automation our goal is to help you work smarter, not harder and our CRM software for small business can help you do just that.


Did you know that by implementing a CRM software solution you can increase both sales and productivity by nearly 30%? 


Not so long-ago CRM software was only a feasible option for industry giants, but our CRMPlus365, P2xRM, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 systems make CRM software for small business accessible and affordable for most every organization. Each of these solutions makes workflow more streamlined, accurate, and easy, which means they won’t break your bank or your back.

CRM software solutions for small businesses can alleviate some of those time-consuming, hands-on tasks we all dread such as:

  • Data entry
  • Creating reports
  • Merging contacts
  • Tracking commissions
  • Generating emails

By eliminating some of these mundane chores, your employees will be saving both their time and sanity, allowing them to focus on more equitable projects. It’s a real win-win situation for everyone. But the day-to-day tasks are not the only way in which CRM software for small business can help you save. Our software solutions are easily implemented, utilizing existing platforms to help ensure marginal down time and training, saving both time and money all-around.

Although our CRM software for small businesses is both efficient and affordable, we understand the apprehension involved in undertaking such an endeavor. There is no doubt that CRM software helps increase sales and customer retention, improves forecasting accuracy, and adds to employee job satisfaction but the main reason you should consider purchasing CRM software is the tangible ROI. Rest assured, you will see a ROI that makes it hard to justify not investing in CRM software!


According to Nucleus Research, the average ROI for implementing a CRM is $8.71 for each dollar spent!


You don’t need a degree in Economics to understand that kind of return on investment is substantial. So, take the time today to schedule a free strategy session with us and make a solid investment in your company’s future.

You may be familiar with the great and powerful Oz, a seemingly large and intimidating presence who (once the curtain was pulled back) was revealed to be a simple, modest man. Our CRM software for small business can help you achieve that “Oz effect” at a price the Cowardly Lion would be brave enough to take advantage of.

With software designed specifically for your sales reporting, order management, financial management, production management, event management, and other various needs, P2 Automation offers software solutions that can make a one-person endeavor function like an industry giant. By automating and streamlining your operational processes, not only will your business run smoother and more cost efficiently, you can provide that “wow factor” in your customer service experiences that helps ensure repeat business. We like to consider that a no-brainer, even the Scarecrow can see what a tremendous benefit that is.

If there is one thing many business owners have recently realized, it is that teleworking is quickly becoming the “new norm”. This can be an incredible benefit to both businesses and employees offering a number of ways in which both time and money can be saved. But it can also present some unique challenges that must be addressed in order to be advantageous for everyone involved.

P2 Automation offers a number of solutions to help facilitate working from home (or the local coffee shop) with CRM software for small business. Our Mobile CRM Applications allow remote access to your entire CRM system and make tracking things like billable hours quick and easy.


Sharing and collaborating has never been easier than with our cloud-based solutions that allow for secure, instant updates and make interactions a breeze, no matter where your employees are located.

Many small businesses pride themselves on offering that “personal touch” that makes customers want to return. We at P2 Automation understand and can help you in that endeavor by offering customizable CRM software for small business that in turn makes it possible for you to give your customers the kind of personalized experience they deserve.

We start by getting to know you and your business.


We want to know not only what you are doing now, but what you would like to be doing 5 to 10 years from now.


We work hand-in-hand with you to determine exactly what processes and components will be of the most benefit to you and your organization in both the short and long term. We then develop a customized software solution to suit those needs. Once we have created the perfect CRM software for your business our team works closely with your team to implement and configure your system.

We understand that businesses grow and change, and as such, your software may require some modifications to accommodate those changes. We will continue to work with you on an on-going basis to provide maintenance and support, as well as updating your CRM software as needed to best suit your requirements.

Today’s customers have grown to expect instant answers to any questions they might have. But not every organization is equipped to offer instant responses to every query. This is where CRM software for small business can make all the difference in the world.

Our CRM web portals are an affordable option that make it possible for customers to safely access selected data without having to interact with an employee. Things like: scheduling appointments, downloading pertinent documents, tracking orders, retrieving and paying invoices, reviewing purchase history, and tracking customer loyalty points and discounts are all services that can be offered instantaneously 24/7, without employee assistance.

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