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Donut Franchise - 50 Locations

Sales Reporting SoftwareCase

A large coffee & donut franchisee with many locations was tracking sales by having store managers prepare a daily spreadsheet that was sent into franchise headquarters. This reliance on human input left the system fraught with errors. Data was copied incorrectly when transferring information from individual sheets to summaries, and other problems arose because of the “guerrilla” process the client was using.


P2 Automation built a Sales Reporting Software, a simple Sales Tracking Entry Program with a link that feeds information from the point-of-sale system used at store locations directly into the reporting system. This system enables managers to compare sales year-over-year, by day, week, month and/or year-to-date. And when they need deeper analysis, our client’s store managers can “drill down” into the data to uncover the details behind the trends.

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