Best and Affordable Custom CRM Solutions for Small Business

Small business owners know all too well what it means to sacrifice for the good of their company. But one thing they should never have to sacrifice is having a quality CRM solution for the sake of saving money.

Custom CRM SolutionsCRM Solutions for Your Specific Situation

Choosing custom CRM solutions is a lot like new-home construction: everyone has their own budget to which they must adhere; certain non-negotiable amenities and features they require; and of course, everyone wants to get the most “bang for their buck” regardless of their vision for their new living space. Whereas some rare individuals might be in the market to construct a modern 36,000 square foot mega-mansion bachelor pad (complete with an in-home night club, and bowling alley in anticipation of hosting legendary parties), others are looking for a more practical, simplistic, laid back home in which to enjoy quiet family dinners, and book club meetings. Both of these are fantastic ideas but what works for the bachelor will obviously not suffice for the family, and vice-versa.

Such is the case with CRM solutions. For instance, an organization with over 1,000 employees may require: event management software, production management, and manufacturing solutions, while another 10 person operation may simply be in need of a sales reporting system. That is the beauty of CRMPlus365, it is fully customizable to fit most any budget, and scale. Let’s explore the new-home scenario a bit further to better understand exactly what we mean.

Although it might be nice to have a built-in bowling alley, for most people it is simply not practical. Not only is the initial cost of the construction largely prohibitive, but the routine maintenance adds significant recurring expenses that would significantly outweigh the benefits. While the thought of having subscription management software may be intriguing, if a company has subscription-based services to offer it is an unnecessary expense that shouldn’t be incurred simply because it’s part of a package deal. Conversely, three teenagers sharing a bedroom is less than ideal. Therefore, ensuring everyone has their own personal space is paramount and a worthwhile investment but constructing a 10-bedroom home for 5 people might be a bit overboard. That is why P2 Automation offers both package deals, and monthly managed services for as few as 3 users.

affordable Custom CRM SolutionsBudget-Friendly CRM Solutions

So, let’s say you’ve built an absolutely amazing house that suits the size of your family but lacks the personal touches that make it work as your home. One cost-efficient option would be to customize the interior with fresh paint and drapes, details that match your lifestyle. Well, guess what…you can do that with your custom CRM solutions as well!

For as little as $29 per month, per user (with a minimum of 3 users) you can get Managed Services wherein P2 Automation will provide continual maintenance and feature-updates. New features will automatically be added to your system, we will make minor changes to your software (such as adjusting the fields and views), and even add and remove users as needed. This monthly plan is a great way to ease into the often-confusing world of CRM Solutions without incurring significant up-front costs.

Alternatively, we also offer Quickstart packages to get you up and running with CRM Solutions in as little as 7 days. Our basic Quickstart Package is priced at $1,295 and covers licensing validation, setting up your Dataverse Environment, installation and configuration of your Solution files, and a 60-minute training call with your team.

If you need additional features and assistance, our Quickstart Package Plus may be the right fit for you at only $2,495. It includes all the benefits provided in our basic package, plus: simple data importing of your company’s records (using our standard templates), basic contact importation, set-up and configuration of Outlook App, and two 60-minute training sessions wherein we go over additional topics not covered in the basic package.

Custom CRM SolutionsCRM Solutions and Your Workforce

Many small business owners believe that once they reach a certain point in sales, or have hired additional personnel it is necessary to employ an Information Technology professional as well; that is simply not the case. The average starting salaries for IT specialists range from $41,500 for basic help desk/tech support to $69,500 for systems administrators! Once you factor in benefits, you could easily be looking at an expense of upwards of $85,000 per year for someone whose services may only be needed sporadically. That is money that could be reinvested in your business, and returned several times over in growth.

Perhaps your company has reached a plateau in the amount of work you can take on but it is not yet in the budget to take on additional employees. P2 Automation custom CRM solutions are an affordable way to not only increase productivity, and streamline your workflow but they are also a tremendous intangible benefit for your current employees. Numerous studies have shown that contented employees are more productive, miss fewer days of work, and are more loyal to their organizations than those who are discontented in their jobs. It’s true that hiring additional workers is an extraordinary expenditure, but employee turnover can be much more costly. Replacing unhappy workers is burdensome financially, it is time consuming, and often demoralizing for the employees who remain.

One of the easiest ways to help your workforce feel satisfied in their positions is by ensuring they are not performing unnecessary mundane tasks that could easily be eliminated through the use of automation. It shows you value their time and expertise, and are willing to invest in their wellbeing, an investment that will see substantial returns. For instance, our Mobile Applications can be utilized to automatically start a workflow process that would normally require additional hands-on activity, freeing up your staff for more significant duties.

Another example of automation that can be of tremendous benefit to not only your workforce but also a remarkable benefit for your clients is a CRM Web Portal. Web Portals allow both customers and employees to easily access information in a secure, user-friendly online platform. Customers can view their invoices, schedule appointments, and even enroll in loyalty programs which help promote repeat business. Employees and contractors can view open tickets, upload documents and photos, download any necessary paperwork, as well as submit expenses and time sheets. Just like with all our other services, the P2 Automation Web Portals are customizable to suit your individual needs.

Custom CRM Solutions and your clientsCRM Solutions and Your Clients

We briefly touched on some of the benefits CRM Solutions can offer your clients but let’s explore those resources a bit further. One of the things a lot of people enjoy doing when constructing a new home is regularly driving by the build site to check on the building progress. This is also something many customers do (often times rather incessantly) when placing an order for a product or service. Through the implementation of P2 Automation CRM Solutions customers can go online and track the progress of their orders from the time the order is placed, through delivery. They can also get answers to many of their questions automatically online without the need to contact anyone directly. This is a substantial benefit for not only customers but employees alike as it streamlines the customer service process, minimizes the risk of user-error, and does not necessitate any employee hands-on time.

It is easy to see how P2 Automation can help grow, sustain, and streamline your business operations in a practical, convenient, and affordable manner. Using a five-step model for software development we are able to help you achieve your goals by: discovering your current operational situation and where you would like to take your business in both the short and long-term; designing the components that will best suit your goals and objectives; developing your fully-customizable inexpensive software solutions; implementing your new system, be it on-site, cloud-based, or a combination of both; and finally, maintaining and supporting your operating systems, and software.

Whether you are currently utilizing a CRM Solution and would like to lower your expenses or achieve more customizable, reliable results; looking to expand your business; or simply wanting to make life easier for yourself, your clients, and your employees P2 Automation has budget-friendly solutions to suit all your needs. We offer complimentary Strategy Sessions to help you determine which CRMPlus365  options are best for you and your business.

There are a number of ways in which you can get started: you can fill out a brief form to have someone contact you by simply clicking on the following link: Contact P2 Automation, you can call us at (833) CRMPlus, or send an email to and someone will reach out to you and help you choose the automation strategies that are right for you. Contact us today to see how much time, money, and peace of mind you can save by utilizing CRMPlus365.