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A Small Energy Service Company Uses P2𝘹𝘙𝘔 for Estimating and Job Management

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A company we recently worked with required a cost-effective method of managing data and compiling results from energy audits, with ability to function both online and offline. In this client’s business, energy audit specialists conduct on-site visits to inventory all lighting and major electrical components of commercial properties. Their goal is to present a comprehensive report detailing recommended alternatives for energy savings. When we began the process, the company’s system consisted of paper forms combined with Excel spreadsheets.  As you might imagine, the work was laborious and prone to error, as the majority of the information was entered multiple times.


P2 Automation developed an Energy Audit Software with P2xRM which includes a tablet-based input screen (designed by P2 Automation) that the auditors take on-site. The information is then sent directly into their system for analysis and report generation. Audits that used to take two weeks now take just two days! Thanks to the automated solution built in-house by P2 Automation, the client can now conduct many more audits with far fewer errors, resulting in more business!

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