How a Small Manufacturing Company Improves Customer Satisfaction with P2xRM

Production Management Software on PCNobody likes to be interrupted, especially if you are working with expensive, complicated machinery on a manufacturing shop floor.

In the past, if product inventory was running low at Meyer Gage, someone would write the request on a paper form, color code it, and give the clipboard to the production department. Then they would wait.

Sometimes shipping was delayed because just one part was needed to complete a set, but they had no visibility into the production schedule. So someone would walk around, find the clipboard, and ask the machinists if the order was close to being finished.

Of course, this type of interruption was very disruptive, led to late shipments, and impacted customer satisfaction in a big way.

Now, with the P2xRM system, the production order is entered electronically and is immediately seen on large flat screens located throughout the facility. The screens show when shipments are due, and even highlight ones that have paid for expedited shipping so they can get priority attention.

The machinists in the shop do not need to look for the paper form or even talk to anybody.ย  They can just look up at the screen, see the first item on the list, and get to work. When they finish, they use a barcode scanner to mark it as completed, and it moves along in the process.

The impatient shipping person can also look at the screen, see the order move through the various stages and know when the item will be on their packing table. With the P2xRM technology, Meyer Gage has been able to raise its on-time delivery rates from 80% to 99.03%.

The P2xRM system is easy to use, and the entries on the screen even have the same color coding as the old clipboard system, so there was no interruption to the business to learn complicated technology.

With P2xRM, the entire team always know where each request is in the manufacturing process, and everyone can focus on the task at hand. No more interruptions.

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