Small Manufacturing Company Uses P2xRM To Meet ISO 9001 Regulatory Requirements

ISO 9001Tracking regulatory requirements can be a labor intensive task for small manufacturing companies that rely on paper-based systems. Software built for light manufacturing can help, but it is usually overly complicated and too expensive for a small business.

This was the issue for Meyer Gage, a small, 60-year-old, family-run business that manufactures fixed limit gages out of a 28,000 square foot plant in South Windsor, Connecticut. To meet the regulatory requirements as an ISO 9001 certified company, Meyer Gage needed to keep track of specific metrics such as on-time delivery, number of defects and number of customer complaints. But they did not have the time, or budget, to implement and support a complex manufacturing software system.

They selected P2xRM from P2 Automation and received a fully custom solution, without the typical cost of building a system from scratch.

James Meyer, President of Meyer Gage, says,With the P2xRM system, we can track the necessary information for the ISO 9001 certification, which shows if we are meeting our key performance indicator goals. This worked so well that we started to look at how we could expand the P2xRM system to automate some of our other manual, paper-based processes to increase our efficiency.”

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Would technology help your business meet your ISO 9001 regulatory compliance requirements?

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