Small Manufacturing Company Chooses P2xRM To Increase On Time Delivery

Meyer GageBarcode Printer is a small, 60-year-old, family-run business in South Windsor, Connecticut, that specializes in manufacturing fixed limit gages. Like many small manufacturers, they knew technology could make them more efficient, but they did not have the time, or budget, to implement and support a complex manufacturing software system.

They found the answer in P2xRM, a simple, affordable xRM system completely customized to their business. Since the core framework of P2xRM is already in place, it is flexible enough to fit the specific needs of each company, yet less expensive than custom programming.

This system gave the company an effective way to track specific metrics needed for ISO 9001 regulatory compliance. Plus, they were able to save time by eliminating paper-based manual processes.

These are just a few of the benefits James Meyer, President of Meyer Gage, has seen from P2xRM:

  • Automated Production Requests:

“With the P2xRM system, we enter the production request and it is immediately seen on large flatscreens located throughout the facility. We always know where each request is in the process.”

  • 99.03% On-time Delivery

“This month we had 99.03% on-time delivery. Before using the P2xRM system, it was in the 80% range.”

  •  Painless User Adoption

“The system is so simple to use. The learning curve is virtually nothing. You can show someone how to use the different features in 10 minutes…This type of flexibility, to change the system any way we want, to fit the way we have always worked, is a huge benefit.”

  •  Stable System and Responsive Partner

 “The system is very stable; we haven’t had any issues with downtime. P2 Automation is easy to work with and very responsive.”

At Meyer Gage, the company slogan is, “Great companies are built upon the input of their customers“. The technology they use from P2 Automation truly helps them to listen to their clients, respond to trends and serve them better. Best of all, it is simple, stable, and completely flexible to fit their needs, now and in the future.

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