Software for Event Management

We Customized our P2xRM System for a Small Banquet Facility

Event Management 1When it comes to event management there are dozens of different information points that need to be measured and communicated ahead of each event. Nothing is worse than ill-preparing for an event as important as a wedding or corporate party, which is why so many event management companies need effective event management software.

One local small banquet facility felt their “Big Box” software solution was doing anything but solving their problems. There was no way for this system to accommodate their smaller nature and unique business process, and they knew it was time for a change.

That’s where P2 Automation came into the picture. We designed a diverse Event Management System with P2xRM that was able to adapt to their specific needs and eliminate the “fluff” that usually dominates “built-for-all” event management systems.

Event Management System 3Our Solution

Using our own P2xRM system as a starting point, we built a solution for entering everything from service charges, to event times, to specific dining times. We included an Event Information Screen for keeping track of the Dinner Menu, Activities, Event Notes, and Payments. For weddings, the screen changes slightly to accommodate the unique nature of wedding planning. Once the event is set up, the system is used to generate a printed Function Contract and an Invoice.


We added a Food Breakdown Report and an Upcoming Events Report to help the management team stay organized now and in the future. Both reports export to Excel, making it easy for our client to slice-and-dice the data without additional development costs.

We understand how intimate event planning can be today. To learn more about how we customized P2xRM for Event Management, check out our video, and if you want to learn how we can help your small business, consider setting up a Strategy Session today.