One User Or Dozens…We Have Your Business Productivity Solution!

Business Productivity SolutionDave is an entrepreneur who saw a need and capitalized on it.  he started a consulting business to help customers rein in their energy and telecommunication costs.  Dave built his knowledge and expertise into a successful venture, doing energy audits for potential clients and then re-imagining and rebuilding their infrastructure to greatly reduce costs and improve productivity.  Dave’s on-site visits to these prospects were a major part of his business structure, and the information collected during these visits represented the basis for his recommendations.  Unfortunately, Dave found that collecting information on-site, either by hand or using a device like a laptop or iPad, was cumbersome and sometimes led to mistakes – something he couldn’t afford as a one-man business.

Business Productivity SolutionMary managed a sales contact center for a small insurance company.  Her role focused largely on leads – the lifeblood of her organization.  She needed to take in prospects’ information accurately and succinctly so it could be used by her salespeople to drive prospects to become customers.  To further complicate matters, she needed a solution that worked equally well for on-site employees and those who work from home.  Mary knew a custom CRM system was essential – it would help her manage information about prospects and integrate that information with other systems already in use.  But the “Big Box” CRM systems that existed didn’t fit her company’s profile – they were either too complex, or they were made for companies much larger than hers.  And with so many people touching the system at various points in the sales process, she found it difficult to standardize data input and keep it formatted properly.

At first, these two examples seem dramatically different.  Different businesses of different sizes with very different needs.  There’s one thing they have in common though – the need for a customized business management software solution.

Luckily, P2 Automation was able to give both of these businesses exactly what they needed!

Dave’s biggest issue was keeping track of information obtained during site visits and integrating that information into his system to develop new infrastructures for his clients.  The team at P2 Automation created a system using P2xRM that could take information Dave entered during on-site visits and seamlessly integrate it into the technology he uses to audit his clients’ businesses and propose improvements.

Mary already knew she needed technology that could work in several areas of the sales process.  P2 Automation built a customized system with P2xRM so Mary and her salespeople could capture very specific data about clients using a standard process.  That let her create a customer contact regimen that could be updated regularly with changes made instantaneously within the system.  P2 Automation’s customization also allowed Mary to build specific prospect lists by lead stage, and then to use those lists to make the most of the leads her company took in.

In addition to tailoring technology to fit the needs of any business, P2 Automation also offers P2xRM Cloud, which provides small businesses with a complete desktop experience to every employee…from any device…anywhere…at anytime.  And most importantly, P2xRM Cloud is affordable, no matter how many employees use it!

Whether your’e a one-man band or a company of many users, P2 Automation can create custom-tailored business productivity solution that do what you need it to do – from wherever you need it!  Click here to schedule a free consultation and to learn how we can make technology work for you!