Before Spending $20,000 on a Small Business Server, Read This…

Spending MoneyIn many ways, running a small business is like running a marathon.

When you start out, anything is possible.  You feel great, you’re inspired, you have experience and training behind you and the finish line in front of you.  People are cheering you on at every turn!

As you keep running, and the energy you had at the beginning of the race begins to fade.  Every step becomes a little harder, every breath becomes a little more labored.

Now think about this: What if you expended all your energy in the first mile? By mile 10, you’re pretty much done!  That’s what can happen when you spend an obscene amount of money to outfit your business with a “state-of-the-art” server.

You have a long haul ahead of you — with very little left to propel you forward.

Having access to technology is a necessity – it enables you to manage your processes and projects, oversee human resources, and stay up-to-date on changes in your company and your industry.  But a reliable server from a provider with a recognized name can cost you upwards of $20,000.  That’s a big investment!

Is there a way to keep your momentum going without breaking the bank?  P2 Automation has the answer…P2xRM Cloud.

P2xRM Cloud is a hosted computing environment designed exclusively for small businesses. P2xRM Cloud will provide you and your team with a hosted desktop that includes Microsoft Office, Email, Document Storage, and our exclusive P2xRM System for managing your business.

We handle the maintenance, the backups, and all of the complex cost management that comes along with a Cloud environment. All you have to handle is your business.

If you’re “in it to win it”, put that $20,000 back in your pocket – and Schedule a Free Strategy Session with P2 Automation today to learn more.