6 Reasons You Should Consider P2xRM Cloud

Every small business owner knows how stressful it can be to manage new projects, clients, and employees, as there are a variety of moving parts, people, and activities that go into the process. Taking on too much work can challenge even the most organized entrepreneur, which is why an overload in projects can be the tipping point for your company.

At P2 Automation, we believe that technology can remediate the effects of spreading ourselves too thin, which is why we built P2xRM Cloud.  With P2xRM Cloud you can keep track of projects, delegate tasks, send emails, create documents, and manage the books.

Designed for small businesses P2xRM Cloud will provide you with a high-end environment for your small business without making a large investment. For one fixed monthly fee you’ll get everything you need to grow your business.

Here are 6 of the most important reasons to consider P2xRM Cloud for your small business:

  1. User Count is Irrelevant: Now you can start with as few as one user and grow/shrink according to your business needs. If you have a seasonal operation, this feature is especially helpful in supporting your productivity.
  2. Multi-Device Compatibility: Whether you’re using a Windows Laptop, Mac, ChromeBook, etc. you can use virtually any device with P2xRM Cloud. Use cheap, expensive, old, or new electronics so you don’t want to worry about replacing your devices as often as you do now.
  3. Worldwide Access: You can access the P2xRM Cloud environment in the exact same manner, no matter where you are in the world, or with what device. Like a giant “desktop in the sky”, P2xRM Cloud gives you and your team easy-access from anywhere, at any time.
  4. Secured Server: As a technology company and everyday users of P2xRM Cloud, we secure our servers in a way that is impossible for a non-IT company. Built on Microsoft Azure and protected by DUO, the P2xRM Cloud is right for you.
  5. Fast Onboarding: Our team has been using P2xRM Cloud for a long time, and as avid users, we’ve already worked out the bugs so you don’t have to and adding you and your users takes about as much time as it takes to add our own!
  6. Low Recurring Expenses: Most importantly, P2xRM Cloud will transform your IT capital expenditures into predictable, recurring expenses that you can rely on. Imagine, now you can grow your business knowing your IT costs up front.

If you’re ready to increase your productivity, organization, communication, and efficiency levels at your small business, you just might be ready for P2xRM Cloud.  Why not schedule a Strategy Session with us today?