Your Computer in the Cloud

P2xRM Cloud provides everything you need for small business computing...
...all in one secure place
At Home
Meeting Clients
While Traveling
From Your Child’s Game

As a business owner your business goes where you go.

Sometimes you need information from your business computer system at your fingertips, even when you’re not in your office.  And you need your access to that information to be reliable and secure. P2xRM Cloud will give you a full desktop experience accessible from anywhere, using virtually any device (PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device). With P2xRM Cloud, you can open a document at the office … and head home to pick up right where you left off.

Money in Wallet

Cost Effective

Our P2xRM Cloud can scale with the needs of your business, including seasonal businesses, so you only pay for what you need. This creates a nice cost savings that is conducive to small businesses in a solution that is otherwise not available today. Plus, P2xRM Cloud allows you to transform your IT capital expenditures into predictable, recurring costs that you can build your budget around.

Keyboard Locked Up


Protected by DUO and fully managed by a dedicated team of Award-winning, SOC II Type II Certified IT professionals, the P2xRM Cloud is completely secured for your protection. Now you don’t need to worry about the accessibility or openness of your data. You can rest assured that we are using this same tool to keep our sensitive information secured. P2xRM Cloud a technological solution that you can rely on.

Group of People


Whether your small business has one user, dozens of users, or hundreds of users, P2xRM Cloud can adapt to meet your needs. Along with cost savings, this scalability means our solution can grow with your business into the future. You won’t have to worry about changing technology and onboarding new tools when you experience success one, five, or ten years from now.

Man Sees the Light


Here at P2 Automation, we use P2xRM Cloud to run our own business. As a result we naturally test its performance on a daily basis, discovering any hiccups that could impact your experience. Plus, since we’re using it in real-time, we’re often able to identify any changes in the system that could impact your usage beforehand.  And our proven onboarding process enables us to get new clients up and running quickly.

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Whether you work on a desktop, laptop, tablet, iPad, ChromeBook, or something else, P2xRMCloud offers multi-device capability so you can use it at every level in your operation. We believe that technology shouldn’t inhibit your user functionality, which is why you can use new, old, complex, or simple technology infrastructure to keep your business organized.​

Group of People


Accessibility is key in a global market, which is why we made P2xRM Cloud accessible worldwide. Like a “giant desktop in the sky,” your team can access critical information, organizational documents, and sensitive data from anywhere in the world, at any time. You can onboard remote teams, work in a startup setting, or change your structure to service different users in different time zones.

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