Rates and Fees

Red Zone Period: 5 Business Days

Standard Rate

  • Our Standard Rates vary depending on the technical need and project requirements.  Please call (860) 426-8029
    if you need a breakdown of your specific rates/services.

Premium Rate

  • $25/hr. add-on to our Standard Rate for…
    • Phone / Remote Assist Support (i.e. Teams call, GoToMeeting, Team Viewer, etc.)
    • Same-Day Requests
    • Requests that need to be completed within our “Red-Zone” period
    • Projects that need to be performed after-hours / on weekends / on holidays.
    • On-site Labor (travel time will be billed one-way…typically from our office to yours)

Unless specified on your Managed Service Plan, the services above are not covered by our standard plans.

Convenience Fee

  • $75 base fee added to…
    • Unscheduled Calls
    • Same-Day / Emergency Requests


  1. We agree to do work for you and are able to fit the work into our normal scheduling calendar, our standard rates will apply.
  2. During the course of doing scheduled work we need to schedule a call with you or a member of your team, our standard rates will apply.
  3. You ask us to schedule a GoToMeeting to assist with a data update project or a report modification, you will be billed at the Premium Rate.
  4. You email a member of our team or the support mailbox for assistance with something that has to happen today, you will be billed at the Premium Rate along with the Convenience Fee.
  5. You ask for a “quick change” to a report at 10am that we perform right away, followed by another request at noon that we handle right away, followed by one at 3pm that we take care of, you will be billed at the Premium Rate with 3 Convenience Fees.
  6. You call for an issue that takes us 2 minutes to resolve, you will usually only be billed for the Convenience Fee.

How to avoid the Premium Rate / Convenience Fee:

  1. Decide if your request is needed “right away” or if they can be fit into our normal schedule.
  2. Avoid using the “High Importance” red exclamation point with emails and/or typing in All Caps.  We assume these are emergency requests.
  3. Only call in if your issue is urgent.
  4. Sign up for a Managed Service Plan that includes allotments for Premium Services.

Monthly Services

Service 1-3 Users 4-6 Users 7-10 Users 11-15 Users 16-20 Users >20 Users
CRMPlus365 $295 $395 $495 $595 $795 Call
CRMPlus365 for Sales Reps $395 $495 $595 $695 $895 Call
Dynamics 365 $395 $495 $595 $695 $895 Call

What’s Covered

  • Basic Screen Modifications (Forms, Fields, Grids)
  • New Views / View Modifications
  • Basic Business Process Flow Changes
  • Basic Business Rules
  • Simple Workflows
  • Periodic Strategy Calls
  • Managing Support Tickets w/ Microsoft (may require purchasing licenses from us.)
  • Minor Dashboard Modifications (does not include Power BI)
  • New User Setup / “Quick Start” Training
  • Simple Data Updates
  • Managing Microsoft Updates

What’s Not Covered

  • Data Migrations
  • New Modules
  • Third Party Integrations
  • Major Projects
  • Fixing mistakes by outside developers
  • Data Integrations

Monthly Services

Silver Plan Gold Plan Platinum Plan
Business Intelligence Managed Services $249 $349 $495

Silver Plan

  • Data sync monitoring
  • Managing Monthly Microsoft Updates
  • Minor modifications to existing reports
  • Remote Training / Strategic Planning (2 hours max per quarter)
  • Basic Email support (24 hour response time)
  • Access to the Discounted Rate plan
  • 1 emergency ticket price reduction per month
  • Limited to reports of 1-6 pages and up to 3 users

Gold Plan

  • Everything in the Silver Plan plus…
  • Remote Training / Strategic Planning (3 hours max per quarter)
  • Limited to reports of 7-15 pages and up to 6 users
  • 2 emergency ticket price reductions per month

Platinum Plan

  • Everything in the Gold Plan plus…
  • Remote Training / Strategic Planning (4 hours max per quarter)
  • Limited to reports of 16-30 pages and up to 12 users
  • 3 emergency ticket price reductions per month

Not sure which plan is right for you? Contact Us today to discus your specific needs.

Our Managed Service Plan for REP$ will give you peace-of-mind in knowing that we are keeping ourselves up-to-date with the latest changes to Microsoft software and how it may impact your REP$ system. We also encourage you to keep us informed with any glitches you find so we can provide you and the REP$ community with a better solution.

What’s Included

  • Updates initiated by the P2 Automation team. We plan to add our own enhancements to REP$ to provide you with additional value.
  • Updates to resolve reported bugs. No software system is 100% bug-free, and REP$ is no exception. We will track reported bugs, work them into our maintenance program, and provide you with bug fixes throughout the year.
  • Email Support. In our effort to encourage you to contact us with issues, we’re providing Phone and Email Support for issues related to the base system at no additional cost. While we can’t commit to a turnaround time for each issue, we will respond to each request within 1 business day.

What’s Not Included

  • Emergency Work. Any issue that requires immediate attention will fall under our normal billing rates. “Immediate” includes issues that need to be completed separately from our maintenance work.
  • New custom work. We try to customize all of our software solutions to fit your specific needs. Features like custom forms, reports, import routines, and automated processes can all be developed or fine-tuned to meet your specific requirements. We can provide you with quotes and estimates for new features upon request.
  • Updates to Custom Features. If updates are required to custom features, they will not be covered under this plan.