CRM𝘗𝘭𝘶𝘴³⁶⁵ for Sales Reps

About Our Focus Group

We’re putting a focus group together for a new vertical market version of our CRMPlus365 product that will be designed specifically for independent sales reps.  There are hundreds of CRM systems on the market today, but we haven’t found any that have the modern features that our sales rep clients are looking for, such as an ability to track Design Wins, or a mechanism to easily import commission data from various Principals, or an easy way to see Orders, Invoices, and POS data for Customers and End Customers on a single screen.

Enter CRMPlus365 for Sales Reps.  This program will be built on Microsoft technology and will live in the Cloud.  We’re building a web interface, a mobile interface, and an Outlook app.

At this time we’re looking to add management and power-user specialists from Sales Rep firms throughout the country to our current group of technical specialists.  We’re keeping the first group small (a total of 12 individuals from 6 firms…2 max per firm).  If you want to join please click the Join Now tab above and submit your application today.

Introduction to CRMPlus365 for Sales Reps

CRMPlus365 has a familiar look and feel that is easy to learn and powerful as well. Click to see it in action.