How to Protect Yourself from a Cyber Attack: Part 3

Did you know that 97% of breaches could have been prevented with today’s technology? Here’s some more steps you can take so you’re not attacked:

Data Encryption

Step 7: Configure Data Encryption

Whenever possible, encrypt your files at rest (saved on the disk or database), in motion (think email), and especially on mobile devices. By setting up Data Encryption, you valuable data becomes absolutely worthless to anyone who gains possession of your devices.

Web Security

Step 8: Set up Web Security

Cloud-based security detects web and email-based threats as they emerge on the internet, and blocks them on your network within seconds – before they reach the user.

Firewall Features

Step 9: Protect Your Firewall

Enable Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention features on your firewall, and send your log files over to a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) team.

What’s Your Next Step?

If you’re like me it’s starting to get overwhelming.  Like you, I’m not a cybersecurity expert and don’t pretend to be.  But I want to help you by putting you in touch with the same partners I use to protect all of our endpoints.

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