How to Protect Yourself from a Cyber Attack: Part 2

Did you know that 81% of all breaches happen to small and medium sized businesses? If you’re worried about protecting your own business here are a few things you can do:

Email Security

Step 4: Secure Your Email

Most attacks originate in email. A qualified cyber security team can help you choose a service designed to reduce spam email and your exposure to attacks on your organization via email.

Security Policies

Step 5: Apply Security Policies on your Network

What’s a Security Policy? Perhaps it’s something as simple as limiting the ability for users to save data on your network. Or maybe it’s establishing a mandatory password policy. Or if you have a lot of “prying eyes” in your business maybe it’s something as simple as establishing a screen timeout to black out your screen when you walk away. It doesn’t have to be complicated.


Step 6: Backup, Backup, Backup

Backup your local data. Back it up to the Cloud and have an offline backup for each month of the year. And TEST YOUR BACKUPS often. A data backup is worthless if it can’t be restored.

What’s Your Next Step?

We don’t pretend to be security experts. P2 Automation is a small business just like yours and we used to worry about Cyber Attacks just like you do. Schedule a Time with me today so I can put you in touch with the same cyber security experts that we use to protect our small business.