Why do a Managed Service Plan? System Utilization

Have you ever wondered who’s actually using your Dynamics 365 CRM system? Our System Utilization tools might be the answer.


This is Steve Pestillo from P2 Automation. Here’s reason number two for signing up with a Managed Service Plan for your CRM system. “System Utilization”.

What is that? Well we use a product called User Adoption Monitor from one of our favorite ISV partners, Inogic, and that product will track all of the creates, updates, and deletes in your system. It’s similar to the audit trail, but we actually capture that data in a table that we can use for reporting purposes. So for example, if somebody creates an account, we track that information. If they update that account with new information, we track that as well. If they delete something, we also track that. We then take that information and provide it to you on our Power BI reports.

Here’s an example of one. So if I want to see how the system was used in January, let’s say we released a new module, I can click on 2023, month of January, and see exactly how this particular customer used the system. I can drill right down to a specific person. Let’s click on this user for example. I could see they used the system mostly for appointment tracking. They did have one account that they touched. A lot of work with Opportunities. They do track their phone calls, which is great. And if I want, I can actually click on those records, and if that number seems high or low, I can actually see the actual records down here and even drill into them with a simple click.

We also track our Learning Center usage. So in a previous video, you saw how our Learning Center is used, and we know who’s watching the videos and we can even click to see which ones they’ve seen. And that really helps with user adoption, so if I see someone’s not entering quotes and then see they also haven’t seen the quote video, it provides me with a way to help that person.

And then lastly, we can even track status changes. And that’s one of our custom features, but let’s say you wanted to track the status change of an opportunity, when it went from New to Quoting to Quoted to Won to Lost. That’s more than just a touch, that’s an actual stage, and we can actually track that and provide it to you here as well.

If you’d like to learn more about our Managed Service Plans or I have any questions at all about Microsoft Dynamics 365, reach out to us today at www.p2automation.com.