How to Protect Yourself from a Cyber Attack: Part 5

Did you know that anti-virus software only works on known viruses?

It may be obvious, but in order for anti-virus software to work properly, someone needs to be infected first! Here’s how you can help to make sure that someone isn’t you.

SIEM/Log Management

Step 13: Set up SIEM/Log Management

SIEM/Log Management uses big data engines to review all event and security logs from all covered devices to protect against advanced threats and meet compliance requirements.

Endpoint Detection & Response

Step 14: Advanced Endpoint Detection & Response

Protect your data from malware, viruses, and cyber attacks with advanced endpoint security.  Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) isn’t your grandfather’s antivirus solution.  EDR uses machine learning to protect against file-less and script based threats and can even rollback a ransomware attack.

And the best EDR solutions have Certified Information Systems Professionals (CISPs) and Certified Ethical Hackers (CEHs) watching your data with their own eyes 24x7x365.

Your Last Step…

If you’ve read this far you may be more confused than you were when you started.  That’s the goal of a cybercriminal.  If you’re like me, you let your accountant manage your money, you let your legal team do what they do, and you let someone else protect your most valuable asset…your data.

Schedule a Call with me today and I’ll get you connected with the team that will give you the same level of protect that they give me in my small business.