What is the Best Small Business CRM Software for a Startup Business?

Every day, small business owners have to answer more questions than the moms of quintuplet toddlers. Questions they need answers to themselves, as well as those of their employees, customers, and suppliers. Questions such as:

  • How can I more accurately track my inventory?
  • What are my projected sales figures for next month?
  • Why hasn’t this invoice been paid?
  • Why is my commission check so low?
  • Did I really make a mistake with Jim’s commission check?
  • Do you have that yellow raincoat in stock? What about the blue raincoat?
  • When will my order be shipped?
  • Is it snack time yet?

And sometimes, answering a seemingly simple question can take hours of research, hours that small business owners could definitely be putting to better use.

This can all seem quite overwhelming, particularly for the owners of startup businesses, where oftentimes you’re trying to build the plane as you’re flying it. In situations such as these, perhaps the most important questions that need answers are: What is the best small business CRM software? And how can I get it? We here at P2 Automation are happy to answer all your small business CRM software questions. So, let’s get right into it, shall we?

If I’m Starting a Small B2B Company, Do I Need CRM Software?

The short answer here is no; no, you do not need CRM software if you are starting a small business-to-business company. You don’t need it much in the same way you also don’t need any employees. Sure, you can undoubtedly manage things on your own for a little while; you can create a few Excel spreadsheets, set up some email auto-responses, and hang post-it notes all over your office. You can probably make do without the assistance of other workers or CRM software but you’re going to be working around the clock, inevitably making a lot of mistakes, and it won’t be long before both you and your new B2B company are kaput.

To paraphrase English poet John Donne, no business-owner is an island. Just as employees (even if it’s just one additional person to assist in your endeavors) help businesses (and business owners) thrive, so too does the right equipment. CRM software is most definitely the right equipment for small startup businesses and large, well-established organizations alike! Long story short…do you need CRM software for your startup business? No. Should you have it? Absolutely!

What Features are Offered by CRM Software for Small Businesses?

If you have never explored small business CRM software before you will be amazed by the remarkable variety and scope of features, as well as the exceptional adaptability offered by P2 Automation. We have a number of options available to suit the needs of most any organization. Below is a brief overview of several CRM software for small business options available from P2 Automation:

  • Financial Management Software: This CRM software solution helps eliminate a tremendous amount of manual data entry and provides numerous analytic reports.
  • Subscription Management Software: A CRM software option that offers secure subscription for email lists, blogs, and customer management as well as other functionality.
  • Sales Reporting Software: This CRM solution affords the ability to link directly from a point-of-sale system to a reporting system. It also provides analytics for a number of data-driven summaries.
  • Order Management System: Efficiently enter and automatically track orders from creation to fulfillment and invoicing. This small business CRM software provides automated processes such as packing slip creation and accounting integration to ensure accuracy and timeliness.

Of course, this is only a taste of the small business CRM solutions P2Automation has to offer. We also provide: Legal Case Management Software, Energy Audit Software, Event Management Software and so much more! We can fully customize your CRM software to suit the specific requirements of your particular small business. We’ve got you covered from A-Z (or rather from Business Intelligence Services, to Business Process Automation) with secure mobile solutions, web portals, and in-house solutions to meet all your small business CRM software needs.

How Do Small Business Owners Use CRM Systems?

 Part of the beauty of CRM systems for small businesses is that the sky’s the limit in terms of how they can be utilized by small business owners. You can:

  • provide clients the ability to schedule and modify appointments online
  • track and automatically order inventory
  • submit timecards and expenses
  • generate and distribute invoices
  • merge data from numerous departments (such as manufacturing and accounting) in order to create the analytics you truly need
  • monitor progress across a wide variety of fields (such as order fulfilment and sales)

What Kind of Businesses Need CRM Software?

Honesty, even moms of quintuplet toddlers could benefit from CRM software! We have worked with clients throughout a wide variety of industries, each of them with their own unique needs and levels of expertise. We have developed small business CRM solutions for: attorneys, financial advisors, professional bloggers, equipment manufacturers and distributors, banquet facilities, and numerous other businesses and organizations.

We would love to show you how our CRM systems can help your small business get greater results by streamlining and automating your processes, which in turn reduces user-error and not only saves you money but provides some extra peace of mind that is so rarely afforded, particularly in a startup business.

How Do You Choose a CRM System For Your Startup?

Choosing a small business CRM system for your startup may seem like a daunting task but our business development and automation experts are here to guide you through the process. They will make sure you are getting not only the exact options and features you need, but competitive pricing as well. Simply schedule a strategy session, contact us via email, phone: (860) 426-8029, or online and we will be happy to help you choose the small business CRM solution that is right for you.

Can My Startup Business Afford a CRM System?

P2 Automation not only offers amazing CRM solutions for small businesses but we offer affordable CRM solutions for small businesses! We provide both packaged services, as well as monthly subscription-based options (starting at just $29 per user). And with our customizable options, you can rest assured that you will never be paying for services you don’t need.

Think of it this way, every single snafu caused by user-error costs your business not only time, but money (and let’s be honest, there is a lot of room for user error in every operation). Even those tasks that are completed to perfection can take up a tremendous amount of time that would probably be better spent elsewhere. By automating and streamlining your business processes you can eliminate both user-error and billable hours, and in-turn increase your profits. So, why not make sure your startup business starts off on the right foot? Contact P2 Automation for your complimentary strategy session today and find out how we can help you develop and implement the best small business CRM software for your business.