Business Process

Want A CRM? Here’s the Test to See If You Have a Process.
There are many small businesses that would love to utilize a CRM to lighten the workload and automate repetitive tasks. And for some small businesses, a customized CRM can do just that! However, if you’re still trying to determine if a CRM will work for your business, we’ve got a test you can use to evaluate your CRM readiness. Pass this test with flying colors and you’ll get the added benefit of your custom CRM becoming even more affordable!
Are Most CRMs Ready-To-Go Out of the Box for Small Businesses?
Many CRMs for small businesses make lofty promises of efficiency and increased profitability while also touting their ease of implementation. They make it seem that a CRM is ready to work for you right “out of the box” with only a few quick steps to connect to your existing systems. And yet things don’t usually pan out as planned. Here’s why a ready-to-go CRM is exactly what your small business DOESN’T need.
When It Comes to Choosing a CRM, are You a Product Person or a Process Person?
There are a lot of blogs out there about how to choose the best CRM for your small business. It’s easy to find just short of a zillion articles about the “Top CRMs on the Market Today” or “The CRM You Need for Your Small Business.” We understand their purpose. Choosing a CRM can be both overwhelming and a significant investment of capital. The hope is that it will help your business become efficient and streamlined enough to reach the next level of growth, and each CRM on the market has unique capabilities that may or may not please your IT department and sales team.