Our Technology Toolbox Can Solve Your Small Business Challenge
A small consulting company wants a web app to track employee time. A local insurance company wants a system to calculate policy quotes. A new coaching company wants a client portal. A growing manufacturer wants complete reports that pull data from multiple systems. A division of a medical equipment company wants a simple CRM system just to track sales.
Automatically Generate Contracts and Invoices
Stop Retyping Data – Automatically Generate Contracts and Invoices From P2xRM
It is time to generate a contract for your new client. You have all the details you need in Outlook, Excel or a CRM system. Many companies will open a contract template, usually in Microsoft Word, and retype the information into the appropriate fields, their eyes bouncing back and forth between the screens like a tennis match. Then it is saved, possibly on the person’s desktop using a complex naming structure and file hierarchy that makes it impossible for anyone else to find. Does that sound familiar?
How Much is P2xRM
So How Much is P2xRM Going to Cost Me?
We can give you a very good idea of how much a custom P2xRM system will cost without wasting your time or money. We do this by breaking each project into phases. The Discovery Phase is always free. This includes the first meeting or two where we meet as a group and ask a lot of questions. We want to get familiar with what you are doing, what you have done and where you want to go.
recommend Microsoft Dynamics 365
When do we recommend Microsoft Dynamics 365?
I don't always recommend Microsoft Dynamics 365 but when I do it is often because the need is heavily sales focused.  Of course, all companies survive because of sales. But there is a difference. Some companies are more focused on order management, event management, project management, service tickets, etc.
Small Manufacturing Company Chooses P2xRM To Increase On Time Delivery
At Meyer Gage, the company slogan is, "Great companies are built upon the input of their customers". The technology they use from P2 Automation truly helps them to listen to their clients, respond to trends and serve them better. Best of all, it is simple, stable, and completely flexible to fit their needs, now and in the future.
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