What’s New for 2020
The team at P2 Automation is excited to offer our small business customers a wide range of products and services to help you make the most out of your IT experience, including our new web-based solutions.
Order Management System
Simple Order Management Software
A client called us because they were looking for a simple tool to manage customer orders from conception to fulfillment to billing. They have an innovative product that they're selling in a fast-growing marketplace, and their growth was making order fulfillment much more complicated than it needed to be.
Event Management 1
We Customized our P2xRM System for a Small Banquet Facility
When it comes to event management there are dozens of different information points that need to be measured and communicated ahead of each event. Nothing is worse than ill-preparing for an event as important as a wedding or corporate party, which is why so many event management companies need effective event management software.
Man Working
One User Or Dozens…We Have Your Business Productivity Solution!
Dave is an entrepreneur who saw a need and capitalized on it. he started a consulting business to help customers rein in their energy and telecommunication costs. Dave built his knowledge and expertise into a successful venture, doing energy audits for potential clients and then re-imagining and rebuilding their infrastructure to greatly reduce costs and improve productivity.
P2xRM Projects Module
Managing Your Business Projects With P2xRM
If you run a small businesses or organization, you know that you thrive when you are busy. But you may also know that taking on too much work can sink even the most organized among us. This is, in fact, precisely where many of us fail. We get in over our heads, and we spread ourselves and our employees too thin. That leaves us with decreased workplace productivity, lackluster performance and, ultimately, a drop in customer satisfaction.
P2xRM Contacts Module
Managing Contacts with P2xRM
In today’s busy, bustling business world, who actually has the time to scroll through a phone, flip through a Rolodex, or search online for the contact information for a partnering organization? Thanks to P2xRM’s amazing Contacts feature, you’ll never have to do such an antiquated search again! Contacts puts information at your fingertips any time you need it!
P2xRM Organizations Module
Learn about the P2xRM Organizations Module
In order to drive profits for your small business or organization, you must make it a point to connect with your clients and customers on a deeper level. Knowing a company’s name, address and industry isn’t enough. You have to delve into what makes that company tick. That’s how you can gain trust and loyalty, and keep them coming back for more.
P2xRM Link Views
P2xRM Link Views
Just about any business owner will tell you that the most important part of a business management system or CRM is its administration options. The team here at P2 Automation has created a well-planned administration portal that gives you the proper tools, functions, and features necessary to manage your new business management solution, P2xRM. And it’s completely customizable to your business’s needs.
P2xRM Action Pane
The P2xRM Action Pane
Here at P2 Automation, we’re proud of the product that we’ve created to help bring small businesses into a new world revolving around organizational efficiency and business productivity… P2xRM. And even with all of the time-saving features and functions that our powerful systems provide, we know there will always be new directions to go in, and new ways to optimize technology so that your business can grow and thrive!
P2xRM's Powerful Search Tool
P2xRM’s Powerful Search Tool
Have you ever been in a hurry to leave your home only to discover your keys were missing? There is almost no worse feeling – other than frantic searching, there is almost nothing you can do until you find those keys.
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