Our Technology Toolbox Can Solve Your Small Business Challenge

A small consulting company wants a web app to track employee time. A local insurance company wants a system to calculate policy quotes. A new coaching company wants a client portal. A growing manufacturer wants complete reports that pull data from multiple systems. A division of a medical equipment company wants a simple CRM system just to track sales.

What do all of these small businesses have in common?

They want stable, reliable technology systems that fit their exact needs. And they want it at an affordable price.

In the past, the idea of custom software, built for a specific client, was out of the question for a small business because it was too expensive. However, with the tools that are now available, the cost of custom software is reduced. This means small business clients have more options than ever.

For example, if a small business is already paying $20 a month for Microsoft Office 365, for an extra $30 a month they could get a complete CRM system built on Microsoft technology. Microsoft Dynamics 365, starting at $95 per user per month, is not the only CRM option from Microsoft.

Using the tools available in our toolbox we can help you provide exactly what a small company needs to manage their unique business.

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