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Manage your Small Business Process with P2𝘹𝘙𝘔
Intuitive Interface
P2 Automation works with you to build software that fits your business process.
Priced for Small Business
Because we build each system on top of our own framework, our software solutions end up costing about half the price of a custom-developed system.
Who has time for slow software? We're putting an end to spinning cursors with software that runs on your local environment.
Cloud Ready
When you're ready to move your local environment to the cloud, our software can come along for the ride with little or no system modifications.

Why Business Management Software?

Today’s small business owners aren’t interested in stagnant, concrete systems – you want flexibility, durability, customizability, and upgradeability.

That’s why we developed P2xRM Desktop and P2xRM Cloud. To ensure top-tier quality with every use, we designed and built each system entirely from scratch. P2xRM Desktop is perfect for custom, resource intense processes within your facility, P2xRM Cloud gives you access to a comprehensive platform that takes your automation experience to a whole new level, from anywhere in the world.

P2xRM Desktop

Utilizing P2xRM as a starting point we can provide you with a customized business management software solution that fits your business like a glove. We ask questions, we listen, we’ll learn about your requirements, and then we will build a system that automates your key business processes.

Legal Case Management

P2 Automation customized a technology solution to let a law firm’s principals track information on cases, and manage expenses, billing and documentation. Learn more…

Order Management System

One of our clients needed an efficient way to enter and track customer orders to keep up with rapid growth…from order entry, to fulfillment, to shipping, to invoicing. Learn more…

Energy Audit System

An Energy Audit company needed an on-site data collection system that could integrate with a centralized data repository. P2 Automation found an easy-to-use answer. Learn More…

Financial Planning

P2 Automation helped a financial planner to up his game and increase business dramatically by integrating client tracking and portfolio needs. Learn More…

Event Management

A small banquet facility tried using existing technology to manage events, but nothing available seemed to suit the very specific needs they had.  P2 Automation created exactly what they needed — custom technology to help them manage all aspects of the events they host. Learn More…

P2xRM Cloud

P2xRM Cloud is a browser-based Business Management Solution for small business that leverages the unique features that our flagship P2xRM software has to offer – but it does it on our own secure server environment that is built exclusively on Microsoft Azure.

Because we host the P2xRM Cloud software on our own servers, you don’t have to worry about the infrastructure. Forget all about the network and the IT support that used to come along with a dedicated and integrated business management system. Today, Cloud technology is making things more accessible than ever before, and P2 Automation is here to show you the way.

P2xRM Cloud offers our users a wide range of benefits – like any Cloud-based system does. However, ours is uniquely built to run exclusively on Microsoft Azure, one of the best Cloud hosting platforms in the world. From there, our servers are protected by DUO (dual factor authentication), with security alerts sent right to your mobile device for added protection. And with fast, comprehensive, and responsible features that seamlessly allow you to keep track of accounts, contacts, activities, and opportunities from anywhere in the world and on any device, you can rest assured that P2xRM Cloud gives you the flexibility to run your small business the right way.

Why P2 Automation?

Unlike existing products bought “off the shelf”, we won’t complicate your system with features you’ll never use.  You get just what you need to run your business now and the flexibility to add features as your processes change, at a price you can afford.

P2xRM solutions are less expensive than building from scratch but flexible enough for you to get exactly what you want.

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P2xRM has a clean look and feel that is easy to use yet completely customizable.

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P2xRM means different things to different people. That’s because we’ll customize each system to meet your specific needs. Schedule a free strategy session today so we can learn more about your small business needs.

P2xRM Overview

A brief tour that shows you how to navigate the system while remaining just a click or two away from everything you need.

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A quick demo showing how your data can be displayed, customized and exported to Microsoft Excel.

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