P2xRM – A CRM Alternative

Built For Small Businesses – Designed To Drive Results

When it comes to today’s small businesses, time and efficiency is everything. An effective business management solution allows small business owners to better manage their employees, develop stronger and more long-lasting relationships with their customers and clients, and most importantly, drive profits and results to help you remain competitive in a red hot marketplace.

But if you’re stuck relying on word processors and complex spreadsheets to collect information, and time-consuming manual data entry to manage your business process, you’ll quickly realize that you’ll soon be left behind because your competitors are faster, sleeker, and more efficient across the board.

What if you could boost your business productivity, reduce the time it takes for periodic tasks, and improve customer satisfaction without the need to expand your team and implement a new IT infrastructure? Would you be interested in learning more? 


Here at P2 Automation, we’re focused on providing innovative digital solutions to help small businesses find success in a volatile marketplace. To do that, we’ve deconstructed the core functions of the competing business management systems and CRM’s currently available on the market to see just where these current programs and applications fail in their practical use to drive organizational efficiency.

Throughout our market research, we identified the pitfalls in today’s systems, and in doing so, have worked to develop P2xRM into the most versatile workplace productivity system that the small business market has ever seen.

P2xRM helps small business owners find peace in knowing that they can quickly and easily manage and monitor their business processes each and every day, without having to worry about losing time performing routine tasks that are integral to the success of their business. Seamlessly work to accomplish tasks involving customer management, activity management, and document management quickly, so that you can place the bulk of your energy into what matters most, running your business and connecting with your clients and customers.

Complete Customization

At P2 Automation, we understand where the market is headed – we realize that personalization, customization, and bespoke services are the new trend – and for good reason! With that said, we work with our clients to completely customize the P2xRM system to fit their unique business needs. So, whether you’re in need of our business management solution to help you manage your manufacturing output, your next corporate event, or your entire HR infrastructure, P2xRM will help you put it all together.

We’ve customized P2xRM for the following areas:

Serving as your new, all-in-one business management solution, P2xRM is the CRM alternative that every small business needs to help them drive organizational efficiency, customer management, and most importantly, profits. With P2xRM, taking your small business to the next level has never been easier.

Don’t believe us? Schedule your free strategy session today and see for yourself!