Can You Answer Client Calls With Confidence?

Answer Client Calls With ConfidenceHow do you feel when a client calls you to check their account information?

One of my clients recently shared with me that this type of phone call would cause instant panic. Now, with her P2xRM system, she can answer every question with confidence.

β€œSteve – I absolutely love having all of my customer information in one system.Β  In the past, when a client called me to update their account, I would panic because pieces of their account info lived in different systems. Excel, Quickbooks and WordPress. There was no way for me to see a complete view without logging in to each system, checking the data and calling or emailing them back. I always felt it made us look disorganized. Now, I can see everything in P2xRM while they are on the phone and make any updates. P2xRM really has made us more efficient.”

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Is your customer information spread out across multiple systems? P2xRM can help you consolidate and streamline your business for a price that every small business can afford.

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