Small Business Tracks Membership and Subscription Data with P2xRM

Tracks Membership and Subscription Data

As a company grows, there is more and more information to track. When ERP Blog LLC started in 2009, they could easily manage all the details of their ten paying members in an Excel spreadsheet. As they added more members, the spreadsheet got more complex. In 2019, when they had close to 200 paying members, the Excel spreadsheet was massive.Ā  The main document had thirteen tabs, with complicated color coding and codes that only made sense to the owner. Separate information was kept in QuickBooks related to billing and was hard to access quickly.

When there were only a few members, the owner could usually answer questions from memory. As the client base grew, it was increasingly difficult to find the data in one place, and customers had to wait for a reply even for simple questions about their account status or billing.

ERP Blog LLC wanted a CRM system that would track:

  • Blog member company info, including key contacts, dates and activities.
  • Blog member subscriptions, including states they represent and amount they are billed each month.
  • Prospective blog member company info, including last time they were contacted.
  • Special programs, including who participated and extra billing.

Traditional systems, like Zoho or SugarCRM, would need to be customized. The owner did not want to invest the time learning how to customize a product when, in the end, it would likely still be overcomplicated and not be exactly what they wanted. So they stuck with the unwieldy spreadsheet for years.

The answer was P2xRM. This is a simple, affordable, fully customized system that will track exactly what you want to track, the way you want to see it. It is easy to use, and flexible enough to be changed as the needs of the business evolve.

ERP Blog LLC installed P2xRM in 2019 and said, ā€œafter just a few months of using P2xRM, I canā€™t imagine ever going back to Excel, and itā€™s hard to believe I limped along with that system for so long.ā€

Read the full ERP Blog LLC/P2xRM success story to learn more.

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