Why Today’s CRMs Don’t Work For Small Businesses

How Simple Is Your Small Business CRM?

CRMs Don’t WorkIt is not in anyway surprising that all of today’s leading CRM systems present on the market are designed and produced by massive Fortune 500 companies. Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and others like them are produced by massive multinational corporations. These are not produced with small businesses in mind because seriously, what does a multinational corporation know about small businesses? The fact of the matter is that they have succeeded in designing a spaceship capable of taking the next group of astronauts to the moon, when a seesaw is all that is needed.

The Complications With Modern CRM Systems

Microsoft Dynamics 365, which is a powerful system widely used by big businesses, and avoided by small businesses because it fails to meet their needs. For example, it is impossible to set up a simple quote before setting up a price list. In the same vein, you cannot come up with a price list without first of all setting up a currency. If you own a small business, it is possible to be overwhelmed by the concept of currency since you most likely handle only a single currency. Wondering why every user goes through the same process with Microsoft Dynamics 365 since only large businesses deal with multiple currencies?

Well, this is enough evidence that small businesses are not favoured by today’s CRMs. Hence, it will not be a bad idea for small businesses to try out something more favourable, simpler, more personalized and affordable.

The Secret of CRMPlus365

At P2 Automation, we are of the belief that CRMPlus365 provides small businesses all that they could ever look for in a CRM system. This is because we are committed to designing it according to your specifications. So, you can be certain that your customized CRM system would work for you and definitely not against you.

We are not all about the complexity that accompanies the big name CRM systems simply because we know the features do not matter if they cannot be useful to your business. Instead, our focus lies on the core of our clients’ needs.

When all is said and done, small business owners simply desire what will ensure that the job is done. They want simplicity and ease of use, and CRMPlus365 provides just that. Like that seesaw we mentioned earlier, it’s simple, functional, and it’s fun to use.

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At P2 Automation, we are aware of what today’s small business owners look out for in their CRM system, and we are here to deliver nothing short of the best services. Not only do we work with our clients to build and design their very own CRM system based on CRMPlus365, we also ensure that all of the right tools, functions and features that would make their businesses successful are integrated. All these are done without having to worry about an exorbitant amount like it is with the large CRM systems.

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