The P2xRM Video Library Has Launched!

Built for Small Businesses – Designed To Drive Results​

​In today’s world, customer management is everything – especially when it comes to small businesses and organizations looking to connect with consumers on a deeper level. For that very reason, hundreds of digital marketing and technology ​firms are striving to produce powerful and advanced business development software, CRM applications, and other digital-based solutions designed to drive organizational efficiency.

​While that’s all well and good, these applications lack the ability to customize these solutions specifically for each consumer – until now!

P2xRM Video LibraryP2xRM – Our Very Own Small Business Management System

Here at P2 Automation, we’re focused on providing innovative digital solutions to help small businesses find success in a volatile marketplace. To do that, we’ve deconstructed the core functions of the competing business management systems and CRM’s currently available on the market to see just where these programs and applications fail in their practical use to drive organizational efficiency.

Throughout our development, we began to understand just where the fault lies with these systems – they lack the ability to provide customized solutions. For businesses, that is absolutely crucial. In a world that is becoming ever more focused on personalization, bespoke services, and customization, consumers expect a personalized experience in every transaction.

For small businesses and low-level organizations, providing that type of service used to come with a price tag, but not anymore thanks to P2xRM!

How Does It Work?

Seamlessly manage your employees, customers, and administrative operations through an all-in-one user-interface that makes it easy to drive productivity, drive customer retention, and drive profits for your business each and every day.

As your premiere CRM alternative solution, you can easily manage your daily activities like customer management, activity management, and document management through customized systems completely tailored to your unique business needs.

Taking your business to the next level has never been easier!

The P2xRM Video Library Has Launched!

To help spread the news about everything that P2xRM can do to transform your small business, we’re proud to announce the launch of our brand new video library that showcases all of the amazing features, customizations, and uses of P2xRM.

Use the provided videos to gain a deeper insight into just how easy it can be to drive your business productivity to a new level. Our engaging and interactive videos cover everything that you need to know about P2xRM. We want to give you a strong sense of everything that P2xRM can do for you and your business before you make your choice.

Remember, the CRM and business management market is loaded with products, programs, applications, and software, but do any of them really serve as your all-in-one solution?

So, head on over to our video library and see just how far P2xRM can push your business. Watch the videos to see just how intuitive and easy to use our new interface is, so that you can fully understand what our CRM alternative is capable of. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.