P2xRM Video Library

Learn about the P2xRM components, out-of-the-box
modules, and customer-specific features

P2xRM Overview

P2xRM…A CRM Alternative

The best of today’s technology … without the excess! P2xRM is a business management system built specifically for small organizations that need to organize and share information.

P2xRM Overview

A brief tour showing how to navigate the P2xRM System while remaining just one or two clicks away from everything you need.

System Components

Search Lists / Views

Learn how to searchsort, and filter your data, and how to export information to Excel with just one click!

Action Pane

Display the information that’s important to you, things like open tasks, customer issues, and late shipments with our easy-to-use Action Pane.

Link Views

Organize and group the tasks you don’t necessarily do every day.

System Modules


Manage information about your clients, prospects, leads, partners, and vendors with the Organizations module.


Keep track of your business contacts and keep your Outlook Contacts up-to-date with the Contacts module.


Learn how we use the Projects module to keep track of the work we do for our clients here at
​P2 Automation.