Should I Build My Own Power BI Reports Or Hire An Expert?

You can wash your own car, mow your own lawn, and clean your own house. But you also know that sometimes it is just better to hire someone else to do it so you can focus on other things.

You could learn to set up your own Power BI reports, but it is going to take time. We know that most of our small business customers just don’t have that extra time. Plus, you’ll have to practice until you get it just right.

You can even get some training and do your own taxes and remodel your house. But would you get the best results? Someone who is an expert can help you save money and get it done faster, more efficiently.

The team at P2 Automation has been working with Power BI for sometime now. We know how to get the data. We can set it up in ways that are most meaningful to you. Because we have seen how so many other businesses use Power BI, we can suggest using a heat map or a trend line. We can recommend ways to save money on licensing by giving certain people access to web portals and dashboards. We can set up the reports on your desktop, even though it’s in the cloud, to make it seamless for your users.

Once we set up your Power BI reports, you own the license, and you can always modify them on your own. Or you can have us do it. Power BI are user friendly, but there are still enough hidden secrets in there to justify hiring an expert.

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