P2xRM Link Views

The Power of a Simple Click

Just about any business owner will tell you that the most important part of a business management system or CRM is its administration options. The team here at P2 Automation has created a well-planned administration portal that gives you the proper tools, functions, and features necessary to manage your new business management solution, P2xRM.  And it’s completely customizable to your business’s needs.

Your Administration Panel

Remember the left-hand side Navigation menu that we mentioned in our earlier post? That specific menu serves as your starting point. Beneath it, you’ll find a section called, “Administration.” By selecting this option, you’ll be taken to one of our most powerful administrator features, Link Views.

Link Views manages things that don’t need daily updates — items like user information, security information, and weekly, monthly and quarterly task lists. You can use Link Views for several types of content, including Forms, Search Lists, Documents, Websites, Workflows, and Reports.

Here’s How It Works:

To understand how Link Views provides a more efficient administrative experience, let’s walk through updating the information for an approved user.

First, you’ll click on the Administration button. Then, click on the Users link. From there, you can select any one of your users and update information. If you need to quickly update contact information for a user, (perhaps an employee recently got married and wants to change her last name), Link Views give you the power to make those changes quickly and easily.

​The Various Ways To Use Link Views

Link Views makes document management a piece of cake! Imagine having all of your contracts, data-collection forms, and training documents at your fingertips…easily accessible by you and your entire team! Or having a place where all of your administrative workflows are located.  Weekly Payroll exports here, Monthly Reports there, and Quarterly Data Syncs at the bottom.  Link Views can help you do all of that…and more!

Link Views is a highly-efficient method to control the automation processes that your business relies on, even if it’s on an  infrequent basis!

Learn more about how P2 Automation can customize your business processes by scheduling a free Strategy Session today.