P2xRM Link Views

The Power of a Simple Click

Just about any business owner will tell you that the most important part of a business management system or CRM is its administration options. The team here at¬†P2 Automation¬†has created a well-planned administration portal that gives you the proper tools, functions, and features necessary to manage your new business management solution,¬†P2xRM. ¬†And it’s completely customizable to your business’s needs.

Your Administration Panel

Remember the left-hand side Navigation¬†menu that we mentioned in our¬†earlier post? That specific menu serves as your starting point. Beneath it, you’ll find a section called,¬†‚ÄúAdministration.‚Ä̬†By selecting¬†this option, you‚Äôll be taken to one of our most powerful administrator features,¬†Link Views.

Link Views¬†manages things that don’t need daily updates — items like user information, security information, and weekly, monthly and quarterly task lists. You can use¬†Link Views¬†for several types of content, including Forms, Search Lists, Documents, Websites, Workflows, and Reports.

Here’s How It Works:

To understand how Link Views provides a more efficient administrative experience, let’s walk through updating the information for an approved user.

First, you’ll click on the¬†Administration¬†button. Then, click on the¬†Users¬†link. From there, you can select any one of your users and update information. If you need to quickly update contact information for a user, (perhaps an employee recently got married and wants to change her last name),¬†Link Views¬†give you the power to make those changes quickly and easily.

‚ÄčThe Various Ways To Use Link Views

Link Views¬†makes document management a piece of cake! Imagine having all of your contracts, data-collection forms, and training documents at your fingertips‚Ķeasily accessible by you and your entire team!¬†Or having a place where all of your administrative workflows are located. ¬†Weekly Payroll exports here, Monthly Reports there, and Quarterly Data Syncs at the bottom. ¬†Link Views can help you do all of that…and more!

Link Views¬†is a highly-efficient method to control the automation processes that your business relies on, even if it’s on an ¬†infrequent basis!

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