CRM Systems are Sticky. Don’t Get Stuck.

Once you install a CRM System in your business, chances are you’re going to have it for a long time. Why? Because change comes with a cost.

CRM SystemsCRM systems are used every day, and as a result they become “part of the process”, just like email or a mobile device. So before diving in, know the costs. The monthly subscription fee is only part of the story. Find out things like…

  1. How much user training is needed?
  2. What are the maintenance costs?
  3. If I need a custom feature, how much can I except to pay?
  4. How often is the system automatically upgraded, and what are the associated costs to my company (and my team’s productivity)?

Big Box CRM Systems like Dynamics 365,, and Zoho are great. Think of them like a grocery store…lots of “stuff” that you can use to make anything you want. That’s if you can cook. Our solutions are more like a restaurant. We design and build Dynamics 365, CRMPlus365, and P2xRM around your business from the start, and we’ll provide you with those up-front costs up-front, not 6 months from now.

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