Your CRM is like a Grocery Store…Ours is like a Restaurant.

Grocery shopping at the best of times is a mundane chore. At worst, it’s stressful and overwhelming, especially when you can’t seem to find exactly what you came for. Shelves are always stocked with a huge range of products, yet you feel like you’re settling for whatever you can get.

People With Food

The same holds true for off-the-shelf software solutions. By trying to cater for everyone, “Big Box” CRM Systems always seem to come up short. Maybe you love Zoho One’s security features, but Microsoft Dynamics 365 is more compatible with the mobile phone you’ve grown to love.

​Even if you find a software solution that manages to hit the nail on the head, you’ll still find yourself working to remove all of the distracting bells and whistles to get the system into a workable form.

Experience “Fine Dining” with P2 Automation

Sit back, relax, and let P2 Automation make your perfect meal. We design and build each system around your business, which is even better than service with a smile. You’ll never have to ask questions like “what do these buttons do?”, and we won’t force you and your team to upgrade your system to make our lives easier.

Imagine getting everything you need to run your business along with an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Our P2xRM and CRMPlus365 solutions will not only increase your overall efficiency, they require much less user training than the “Big Box” systems in the marketplace, saving you both time and money.  It’s like your favorite meal…cooked just right!

Want to learn more?  Schedule a complimentary Strategy Session so we can start to build your perfect system today.