P2xRM’s Powerful Search Tool

If You’re Searching for Efficiency, P2xRM Has Your Answer!

Have you ever been in a hurry to leave your home only to discover your keys were missing? There is almost no worse feeling – other than frantic searching, there is almost nothing you can do until you find those keys.

That feeling is similar to the times in business when you need specific information to make a sale, offer a deal or solve a problem, but you can’t find that information!  If you really think about it, nothing is more important than knowing exactly where to go to find the information that you’re looking for. In today’s world, you need the ability to search through records and documents to find answers quickly. That lets you meet the demands of a fast-moving marketplace, which, in turn, can keep you  one step ahead of the competition.

To help make P2xRM stand out above the competition of today’s business management software solutions, the team here at P2 Automation has worked to design a powerful search tool that allows users to navigate the system to find the information they need — quickly and without issue. And even better, our Search Lists feature takes the general keyword search and brings it to a new level of customization.

The P2xRM Search Lists feature stands alone as a powerful search tool designed to help business owners track down the information they need quickly through a user-intuitive interface.

Here’s How It Works

The Search Lists function has some recognizable features, including columns, a menu bar, and a search box. The search box works just like a typical search engine query —  you simply type in all or part of a word to quickly search through your system and see results roll in in real time.

From there, you can take your search a step further by clicking on the dropdown menu and selecting unique filters to help narrow down your search. If you need a client’s contact info, you can search by name and filter your results to ensure that you quickly arrive at the client profile (rather than, say, their purchase or sale records.) Or perhaps you need to narrow your search down by date. You can do that here, too!

In other areas, you can use the Search Lists feature to view all of your delegated tasks for a particular project under the Project Tasks view. Here, you can quickly see which tasks have been completed, which are pending, and which are in the testing phase – all depending on how you choose to customize your system.

Grid Views

One of the most widely-praised aspects of our Search Lists feature is the integrated grid view layout. By simply clicking on the Grid View checkbox, you can quickly edit and change your lists! For example, if you weren’t interested in seeing addresses in your search results, but you do need to see a billing address, you can simply turn off the “address” and all related columns, and turn on the “billing address” columns. Then, you can quickly drag and drop your selections by highlighting a column, selecting it and moving it into a different location.

Under the Grid View, you have a tremendous capability to sort any column, find the required information, and then quickly navigate back over to another form by simply clicking on the link. And perhaps most importantly, you can quickly send all of your search results to Excel for advanced processing (i.e., setting up a mailing list, exporting your data to a website, creating a spreadsheet to run analytics, and so much more!)

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