P2xRM Overview

Gain A Deeper Insight Into The CRM Alternative Designed To Help Your Business Flourish

​If you want to learn just a bit more about the intuitive, user-friendly interface that we’ve created to help make P2xRM the most efficient Business Management Software alternative platform on the market, you’ve come to the right place. One of the most important aspects of P2xRM is that all of its features and functions are easy to find, simple to use, and clear in their results. As a small business owner, you always know exactly where you stand when it comes to monitoring your business process, managing your employees, connecting with customers, or anything else integral to your success as a small business.

So, if you’re ready to see just what P2xRM is all about, here’s a brief system overview! 

The P2xRM Interface

To help make our interface the most user-intuitive interface within the Business Software market, we’ve included simple design elements, such as the places in which your business management options are stored. For instance, we’ve made it possible to completely customize the main menu options along the left-hand side of the interface, so that you always know where to find your most important business management features.

If you’re following along with our video, you can see that Organizations, Contacts, Projects, Licenses, and Administration line our left-side menu – but these can be completely customized to suit your needs.

Powerful Search Feature

Nothing is more frustrating than knowing you have information in your software, but not knowing where that information is when you need it most. For that very reason, we’ve integrated an intelligent search feature within P2xRM, so you can quickly find past projects, past organizations that you’ve partnered with, employee records, and so much more.

And when you locate the information you’ve been searching for, we’ve built in important safeguards to ensure that you never mistakenly change a record accidentally.

In addition, you can also use the search feature to quickly find a particular individual — perhaps a partner, a potential lead, or a supplier — by name, phone number, email address, or organization name.  That kind of access to information can make all the difference to a small business!

Customization Is The Key To Efficiency

Here at P2 Automation, we understand that no two businesses are ever the same – each has different goals, offers different services, and strives to meet the needs of different clients and customers in different ways. For that very reason, we believe that no two business software solutions should be the same either!

Virtually every aspect of P2xRM is customizable, and, when you’re a P2 Automation customer, you’ll receive a completely unique experience that works for your unique business. Our team of developers will work with you to set up your interface, so that we can ensure it works for you, identifies your needs, showcases the most integral features for your business, and allows you to drive organizational efficiency each and every day.

If you’re looking for a more affordable business management solution with endless customization possibilities, choose P2xRM as your new CRM alternative.  Contact Us today to learn more.