P2xRM Desktop– What can it do for you out-of-the-box?

Customers. Vendors. Activities. Projects. It’s a lot to keep track of. So surely you’ve been thinking of a Small Business Management System – and with good reason. However, if you’re a small organization, many of the systems on the market are probably more than you really need – and more complicated for your staff to learn and put into practice.

We have a solution – P2xRM.

We built P2xRM on the Microsoft Office platform, a system you probably already own and use every day. In addition to a familiar interface, P2xRM also designed to be simple and clear – dare we say intuitive?

​What can P2xRM do for you? Let’s find out!


Fast access to the information you need. The Main Screen features a Navigation Bar that gives you quick access to the primary areas of your business, such as Customers, Contacts, or Projects. Clicking on one of the tabs takes you directly to a Search List. Do all those records seem a little overwhelming? No sweat! Type in the Search Box (just like you do in your favorite web search engine) and narrow down the list. And you don’t have to remember exactly how something was written – our search finds what you type anywhere within the record listing. Typing “Wholesale” will get you results like “Wholesale Distributors, Inc.” as well as “ABC Wholesalers Co.”


P2xRM also provides a View feature. Here you can quickly switch between Companies that are active Customers vs. Prospects, or Projects that are in the Discovery Phase vs. the Active Project phase.


Editing without restraints. Do you see a company whose contact information is incomplete? You don’t have to open another screen, or click a button to open a transaction… just click and type. It’s that simple! Making this step easier means your staff will be more inclined to put good data into the system, which results in good data coming out.


You can be confined in another way – contacts within a company. Sometimes you deal with a larger organization where multiple people are calling you and placing orders. Or perhaps you have multiple departments within that company, and you’re trying to form a relationship with each one. Some systems force you to create a new “company” for every contact. However, P2xRM lists them all inside the company record, and once again, in an editable grid where you can add or modify the data whenever you want!

Quick Links mean Less Clicks. When you’re looking at the company listing, simply click on their name, and a detail screen instantly pops up. Here you can see not just their address and main phone number, but also the individual contact details of every person you know within that company. Click again to get more detail, such as the projects that person is working on. Back on the Company page, you’ll see projects that you have in process with that company on the Projects tab, and if you need more detail, simply click on the project. Everything is linked – a single click takes you where you need to go.

P2xRM also lets you organize your documents by connecting folders to companies, contacts, or projects. Simply click the “Documents” menu and you’ll be taken right to the folder where those documents are stored. You can even create new documents right on the spot!


If you’d like more information about how the P2xRM system can work for your business, Contact Us today at (860) 426-8029, or check out our short video: P2xRM Overview.