My CRM was “Auto-Updated”? There goes my productivity!

CRM was "Auto-Updated"So your CRM software just got a new update. That’s great, right? Updates are meant to speed things up, improve productivity, and create an all-round better experience for everyone. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, and many CRM users find themselves tearing their hair out when opening a newly updated version of their software. All of a sudden everything is different and it takes twice as long to get tasks done.

​If you have to schedule a mass training program for your staff to use productivity software, something is seriously wrong.

Users of “Big Box” CRM systems know these struggles all too well. Major updates often involve a complete overhaul of the user interface. Side nav bars are replaced with buttons along the top. Productivity features like a “Follow Up” process are eliminated. And now we’re getting a “Unified Interface” on one major CRM system that will impact all of your devices.

In fairness, “Big Box” companies like Microsoft and offer many training courses for their systems, so they are trying to help people learn. But many aren’t free and will add additional costs to a system that was working fine before. The other issue is that learning and relearning how to use software time and time again is just eating into your company’s precious time. Everything would be so much easier with intuitive software that’s shaped to your organization’s needs.

The solution…

Here at P2 Automation, we understand that productivity software needs to work to benefit you, not us. Any updates we make are with you in mind; you have all the power. We’ll never update all our customers’ packages with blanket improvements that impact user-productivity. Instead, we consider each client’s individual circumstances and maintain good communication to ensure we never miss the mark.

As for training, all of our P2xRM software packages are designed to fit your business. Excessive training is rarely needed. Now, what are you going to do with all that extra time and money?  Contact us today to start the conversation.