Moving a Membership Business From Excel Spreadsheets to a Custom CRM For Small Business

custom crm for small businessIf you were to ask me why we built P2xRM I would say it is for small companies just like this one.

ERP Blog LLC is a small membership business that tracks subscriptions and services sold to technology companies. They have a process and content. They even have a tool that had worked for the owner for many years…a massive Excel spreadsheet. The problem was it didn’t work for the whole team. Truth be told, the owner didn’t want to share the spreadsheet in case someone messed it up.

The spreadsheet wasn’t secure and it required the team to do duplicate entry in several different systems – Excel, QuickBooks, and their email platform, and it was impossible to see complete information about all customers in one place.

The management team knew there had to be a better way to track their customer information.

However, when it came to a CRM for small business they didn’t need a “space shuttle”, they just needed a “small car” to drive their business forward. All the options they researched were overly complicated and too expensive.

That’s when they found P2xRM from P2 Automation. Now this small membership business has a customized CRM application, without paying the custom application price tag.

You can read the full success story here, in their own words:

Small companies need a place to put their “stuff” so they can keep on working. The team at P2 Automation provides a basic CRM system, at a very reasonable price, that is customized to exactly fit your needs.

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