Is your Small Business CRM System a Swing Set or a Space Ship?

small business crmToday’s “Big Box” customer relationship management systems are so complicated it is just not fun anymore. Why? Because they’re built by Fortune 500 companies. What does a Fortune 500 company know about your small business? Their systems include a bunch of features that are “built-in” and ready to go, but they were designed with their big business mindset. So they are over-the-top complicated.

For example, in Microsoft Dynamics 365 you can’t set up a quote without first setting up a price list. And you can’t set up a price list without first setting up a currency. Well, most small businesses we work with are not dealing with multiple currencies. Why do we have to do all that? Because somebody else in the world needs multi-currency, so that means everyone has to have it. That’s just one small example, but it is things like that that are just really frustrating when all you want to do is get your work done and move on.

Also, in my opinion, the bigger CRM vendors are all trying to “out-sexy” one another. They are in the business of selling licenses. They want to tell the competition, “I am better than you. My license is worth more than your license because I added more stuff, more features, more bells and whistles.” They add so many things that a small business doesn’t actually need, just because it looks sexy on their spec sheet.

At the end of the day, people like you just want to get the job done. They want a CRM system that is simple and easy to use. If this describes your situation then it might be time to consider CRMPlus365.

CRMPlus365 will give you a custom CRM system at an affordable price, built exclusively by our small business, P2 Automation. And like a swing set, it’s simple, functional and may be even fun to use.

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